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Sexy Galleries And speed dating illinois events 2018 singapore.
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This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post. And this article is pretty much my reflection on how a small step or rather a few mouse clicks can change your life. All I have to say is: So it was one of those days: I was staring blankly at my desktop at work, crunching numbers, preparing for my next business presentation.

I received a notification on WhatsApp!

Was someone going to ask me out to dinner? I peered at my phone with excitement, and guess what I saw:. I just never got out very much.

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College was by far the last chance I had at meeting someone, but I blew it, because a good degree would get me further in life than any partner would — so said society. OMG did I get a match? Fast forward 2 hours later, and it was 8pm.

Time to go home. In the cab, I instinctively took out my phone again to see if anyone liked me — nope no luck at all. Then it struck me: You just meet people!

Without having to ask them out in the first place! Immediately, I signed up, paid, and got the details from GaiGai.

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This was the second time I had it on; I was dressed to kill or so I thoughtbut at the same time 20 minutes early, pacing the toilet and breaking into perspiration because Singapore is just too damn humid. I was dressed to kill — to kill myself.

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I was in the zone, psyching myself up. I finally stepped in, pretending to be nonchalant. Upon entering, I was greeted by the host, Charlene — she smiled a lot, and said a few things which I no longer remember or heard.

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The only thing I saw was the empty seat I was led to. So I sat down, looked ahead and wow, I was shocked: Not able to believe my luck, I scanned the room quickly to look at the other 11 ladies — and then at the guys.

Charlene kicked off the session by laying out the rules of the night. All of this was accompanied by good food, drinks and a bowl of cue cards at the table if you ran out of things to say which will happen, trust me. Obviously I had some lines ready, but nonetheless, everything went out the window the moment the actual interaction started.

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The first lady, Marilyn not her real namewas a doctor — pretty, but according to her, just too busy to meet anyone. I was pretty nervous at first, and by pretty nervous, I mean I was a train wreck. She probably also thought it was ridiculous of me to want to introduce myself with a joke. Nonetheless, her laughter really put me at ease, and got things back on track — we continued our little chit-chat for the next couple of minutes.

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I had fun and I think she did too. Things went a lot smoother with the next 11 ladies; I was less nervous and I think they were too.

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Every encounter was different, yet refreshing and fun! So this went on through the night, and as each interaction went by, it become almost easier to open the conversation and I was really enjoying myself. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Before I knew it, it was the end of the night.

There were quite a few nice ladies I had wanted to shortlist, but you could only choose three. I guess that works, since it forces you to really think through your choices.

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Had they given me unlimited choices, I might have just listed everyone down or at least 6 to 7 names. So I listed the names of three ladies, submitted my form and left.

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But not without asking Marilyn for her number — she was my top choice anyway. Surprisingly, she gave me her number, and in that instance, I felt unstoppable. All these happened just a couple of weeks ago: Type and hit enter to search Search.

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