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James Paice claims mortgage interest on south London flat. Ian Paisley claims rent on second home in west London. Nick Palmer rents second home in London. Later switched back to rental flat in the original block. Ian Pearson has second home in West Midlands, claims mortgage interest. Andrew Pelling does not claim additional costs allowance ACA.

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One of the lower claimers. Stopped using the additional costs allowance to run a second home when made party chairman. Stephen Pound is not eligible for second home allowance. Bridget Prentice claimed no ACA. Adam Price claimed for books, including Bring Home the Revolution: Queried by fees office.

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Dawn Primarolo claimed on second home in Bristol. Inswitched to London flat and claimed mortgage interest payments. Error was spotted by officials.

Gwyn Prosser paid his brother from his taxpayer-funded expenses to carry out work on his London flat - despite the fact that he lived almost miles away. In Julytold fees office his daughter would be staying while at university, so he would reduce claims on rent and utilities.

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Claims remained close to maximum. James Purnell avoided paying capital gains tax on the sale of his London flat after claiming expenses for accountancy advice.

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Andy Reed has a flat as second home in Westminster. Willie Rennie's second home is a flat in Lambeth, south London. Linda Riordan bought flat in Kennington in earlyclaims for mortgage interest. He checked with fees office that this arrangement was in order, they confirmed it was.

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She works for him but they are separated. Dan Rogerson bought London flat in In Marchchanged mortgage to interest-only, allowing maximum benefits of ACA.

Terry Rooney claimed interest payments on mortgage for home in Bradford using second home allowance. Paul Rowen claimed mortgage interest payments for second home in Battersea, south London. Fees office noted on claim that this could not be paid because costs were incurred in financial year and it was then Confirmed she paid tax on reimbursed accountacy fees.

Joan Ryan spent thousands of pounds on Popa chubby wikipedia search api attachments and decorations at her constituency home before switching her designated second home to a London property. Virendra Sharma chose not to claim designated second home expenses under ACA after entering Parliament in a by-election in July,although he was entitled to them as an outer London MP.

Jim Sheridan used his allowances to reclaim the cost of a inch plasma TV, leather bed and hundreds of pounds worth of furniture.

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Clare Short claimed thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money to which she was not entitled within months of standing down as a Cabinet minister. David Simpson bought London flat in March Marsha Singh claimed mortgage interest payments for London flat as second home. Andrew Slaughter Popa chubby wikipedia search api attachments not eligible to claim ACA. Bought expensive gadgets including an iPhone for her husband.

John Spellar claims for his constituency home in the West Midlands. Caroline Spelman made no claims for mortgage interest or rent on her second home in and Michael Spicer claimed for work on his helipad and received thousands of pounds for gardening bills.

Sir John Stanley claims for rent on London flat, also claims for food, utilities, council tax and a cleaner. Phyllis Starkey claims for rent on home in consituency, along with utilities and council tax. Also owns a house in Oxford from which rental income is received.

He has announced he will step down at the next election. Ian Stewart claims rent on flat in London. Also receives rental income from farmland and woodland in Perthshire. Jack Straw only paid half the amount of council tax that he claimed on his parliamentary allowances over four years but later rectified the over-claim. Used his office expenses to pay for a degree studied by a member of his staff.

Also owns a family home in Worcestershire and a flat in London. Graham Stuart shares a flat in London with Conservative MP David Mundell, shares costs with him and claims for rent, council tax and utilities.

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Gerry Sutcliffe claims for mortgage interest on constituency home in Bingley. Hugo Swire, the former shadow culture secretary, designated his first home in London and claimed for rent at his second home in Devon.

He said London was his main home and his daughter went to school in the capital. Mark Tami has a second home in Bromley, Kent. Fees office asked for evidence of mortgage in October Matthew Taylor claims for flat in London while also owning another flat in London which he rents out. Richard Taylor claims for renting flat in London and for council tax.

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No claims for furniture, cleaning, utilities or food. Emily Thornberry is not entitled to claim for a second home as an inner London MP.

Approved by fees office. Stephen Timms is an outer London MP who chooses not to claim second homes allowance. His overall claims were only just over half the maximum amount claimed by some MPs. Mark Todd defended his expenses claims as "essentials" but included a marble table and an espresso coffee machine.

Baroness Tonge claimed mortgage interest on her second home allowance as an MP, then after her retirement leased the property to a fellow MP who in turn recovered the rent from the taxpayer.

Also claimed for food, utilities and council tax.

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Andrew Turner used his office expenses to pay for his girlfriend, who is also his parliamentary assistant, to have "life coaching" classes. Claimed roughly half of the maximum available under the second homes allowance. Also claims utilities, council tax and for small amounts of furniture. Lord Tyler claimed for the mortgage interest on his family-owned flat in Westminster — and then sold his share to his daughter a month after he quit as an MP.

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Andrew Tyrie nominates a flat in property near his constituency as second home. He has announced he will step down at the next election and admitted he made a "ridiculous and grave error of judgment".

She has agreed to stop claiming the second home allowance.

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Says main home is in Suffolk. Included the cost of at least three Daily Telegraphs on bill. Most claims made up of rent, council tax bills and utility bills.

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Claire Ward, the MP responsible for keeping the Queen informed about Parliament, submitted monthly expense claims for hundreds of pounds of "petty cash" while claiming maximum allowances. Also claimed service charge, utilities, telephone and food but made few other claims.

David Willetts, the Conservatives' choice for skills minister, needed help changing light bulbs.

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He has agreed to repay the bill. Also claimed for food and utility bills but made few other claims. Also claimed for food, utilities and cleaning. Phil Willis spent thousands of pounds of public funds on mortgage interest payments, redecoration and furnishings for a flat where his daughter now lives. David Wilshire claimed thousands of pounds of taxpayers money for monthly payments towards the cost of replacing Popa chubby wikipedia search api attachments and carpets at some point in the future.

Sammy Wilson originally claimed for hotels when in London. Later jointly bought a property in the city with another MP. They have announced they will stand down at the next general election. Also claimed for food but made few other claims under the second homes allowance.

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Phil Woolas submitted receipts including Popa chubby wikipedia search api attachments, nappies and women's clothing as part of his claims for food. Jeremy Wright claims for flat in London.

George Popa chubby wikipedia search api attachments claimed the maximum second home allowance on his London flat for the past two years. He also billed taxpayers for the cost of a video camera so that he could broadcast clips of himself at work on YouTube. To view the FULL story go to: Armann - Stackars Jag Ft. Buckethead - Fourneau Cosmique Pikes No. Buckethead - Pearson's Square Pikes No. Metallica - Live Shit Seattle Full. Bruce Springsteen - Something in the Night. C-Bo - Murder One Ft.

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