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How to stay friends after a breakup

xXx Photo Galleries How to stay friends after a breakup.

Life is a series of transitions.

The kids grow up. We go from applicant to CEO.

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Our hair changes from spring blonde to autumnal grey. And sometimes, even the most solid relationships come to an end.

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Nothing in life is constant, including our desires and perspective. As we mature we sometimes see things in a How to stay friends after a breakup light and realize that we have started following a different path than we had expected. This can happen in all facets of life, but one of the saddest is when you start to realize that your relationship is not turning out to be the happily ever after you dreamed of.

The reality is that sometimes love can change. While some people prefer to make a clean break after a long relationship, others prefer to remain friends and talk and even visit with one another regularly.

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