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Despite their break-up, they still appear to have remained best friends. Artie thinks that they have something really important in common, but after a date together in WheelsTina admits that her stutter impediment is fake.

This disappoints, upsets, and angers Artie, who then immediately breaks off their relationship and wheels away, leaving Tina alone in the hallway. Afterwards, it appears the two of them have remained friends although not as close as before as Tina is not seen pushing Artie around in his wheelchair. Tina and Artie kiss for the first time in Wheels.

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In The Power of MadonnaArtie makes sexist comments towards Tina, which leads to her lashing out at him. Artie later apologizes, and the two make up.

In Dream OnTina asks Artie to be her dance partner after he reveals that dancing is his dream.

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Tina tries to help Artie walk and the two research the topic, but find much to their dismay that technology like that won't be available for a very long time. In the end a disappointed Artie pulls out of the performance and tells her to find a new partner.

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She asks Mike Chang, who is known in the Glee Club for his skills as a dancer. In Journeyafter the glee club loses RegionalsArtie reveals that Tina was the first girl he ever kissed. In Auditionit is revealed that over the summer holidays, Artie had acted like a terrible boyfriend by neglecting Tina so he can play a weekend long marathon round of Halo.

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In turn, she dumps him for Mike Chang, which lowers Artie's self-esteem. This inspires him to try and join the football team in hopes of getting abs, and getting Tina back. Mike is a member of the football team. Coach Beiste rejects Artie at first, but after consideration in later episodes, she let's him join.

Tina and Artie sign up together, due to him being unable to reach the sign-up sheet. She spells Artie as "Arty. At the Glee Club car wash fundraiser, Tina and Artie are seen talking and laughing as Tina pushes him around.

Schuester gives Tina the solo TonightArtie looks over and gives Tina a proud smile. Tina is also seen sitting on Artie's wheelchair. At the beginning of the Who is the asian girl from glee dating Tina is seen staring at Artie tying his shoelaces. Also, at some point in the song Dancing with Myself Artie leans over and stares directly at Tina, smiling longingly at reach her.

When the Glee Club is forced by Mr.

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Schuester to use wheelchairs, Tina's respect grows for him. She admits, "I really admire you Artie, how did it happen? Tina seems shocked and concerned by this information. Artie appears to be quite attracted to Tina, and says "Don't worry, I still have full use of my penis. At last the two go on a date in the halls of McKinley High after hours. They have a wheelchair drag race Artie winswhich culminates with a kiss.

Tina confesses that her stutter is fake, which upsets Artie, as he wishes his disability was also "fake. In Proud Marythey both get solos, and Tina and Artie smile at each other gleefully during the chorus.

As part of the choreography, they rest on each other's shoulders momentarily. When the glee club finds out the other teams cheated, Tina can be seen in the background crying, with Artie putting his arm around her in comfort. The Power of Madonna. Tina is upset with Artie in this episode. She is seen wheeling Artie around, with Artie confessing he forgives her for faking a stutter.

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However, he does say that if she wants to be with him she must dress more seductively, which shocks and angers Tina. In protest, the next day, Tina angrily confronts him, accusing him of being sexist. Soon, Artie apologizes in an empty piano room with her. He says, "You know, I would get down on one knee I could. Tina wheels Artie during Ice Ice Baby.

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