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Always go with your gut feeling

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We love to tell ourselves that we make choices based on the facts.

For instance, you might say that you pay for services from a specific electrical company because of their low charges, or that you get your insurance from a certain vendor because they offer the widest coverage. However, the truth is that your brain uses a combination of emotion, and logic to make decisions. The question is, how do you know when to trust your instinct, and when to go with the facts when building your brand?

Sure, the USPthe quality of the product, and even the price probably play a part in your decision. However, as the market grows more crowded, many companies seem to showcase the same features as their competitors. So, what do you do when all the options are similar?

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You select products based on how a company can make you feel, rather than what they do for you. Conversations happen between your brain, and your gut all the time without you noticing. In fact, one study into stock traders found that high sensitivity to sensations within the body could be correlated directly with greater performance in a decision-making environment.

Many people make decisions on their gut feeling in everyday life.

Of course, when it comes to making business decisions, one slip could mean consequences on your livelihood and the disruption of your brand. For instance, you might trust your gut instinct when:. The following steps will help to ensure that you cultivate your intuition correctly and know when to trust your instinct.

This will help you to avoid any unnecessary mistakes that other people in your industry have made before you. After all, the choices that you make in branding, marketing, and business development are all intended to give you a better relationship with your client. When it comes to trusting your gut feeling, it might be helpful to make a decision from the perspective of your user persona.

Companies use emotion in a host of different ways, Always go with your gut feeling the way your customer feels has a huge impact on the decisions you should make with gut feeling. Your logo, colour palletand even the right selection of fonts are all elements you can use to convey your unique style and personality. While trusting your gut feeling is important in making these decisions, you also need to think about how your customers feel too.

Your brand is your reputation and identity within the business world.

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Every choice you make, from which social media channels to use, to how you should change your logo, all contribute to your legacy as a company.

For Always go with your gut feeling, you might run a banking company and have a strong preference for the colour red. Knowing when to trust your gut instinct is sometimes about making difficult decisions that go against the status quo. Your brand is a feeling, an idea, and emotion that cultivates loyalty and helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need to trust your instinct when designing a brand:.

I trusted my gut and...

A brand is like a person, it forms different relationships with each customer, depending on where they are in the consumer lifecycle. For instance, when a customer is just getting to know your company, your brand could be a novel idea to a common problem or a reliable answer to a persisting issue.

When clients begin to learn more about your personality and approach to business, your brand becomes a friend and a reliable source of industry knowledge. Working with gut feel allows you to make decisions about the continued progression of your brand identity from a more human perspective.

Always go with your gut feeling can be incredibly important when it comes to staying ahead of the game.

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Ultimately, when you ask the average person why they love a particular brand, they might not be able to give you an obvious answer straight away. While you could end up with a list of practical and logical reasons, most of the time, the decisions made by your customers come down to the way they feel about you, and your personality. The way you make your customer feel is what keeps them coming back for more in the long run. Always go with your gut feeling how to manage your instincts in the context of customer experience could be what makes your company respected and loved.

For many businesses, the concept of trusting your gut feeling in business decisions comes down to the respect of a single universal law: The Rules of Attraction. This means that if you put a specific feeling out into the world, you should get that feeling back in a sort of ripple response. How often do you go with your gut feeling?

Trusting instincts

Share your thoughts on the power of instinct in branding with us in the comments below! What an interesting article! All animals have instincts that help them to survive and make the right decision — we accept this.

Really enjoyed reading this — especially in the context of business decisions. Good read — too often we ignore our gut instinct that can at times be detrimental. However, logic-based decisions are incredibly important — especially for more objective decision making. Sometimes, when you know, you know; in business and in life.

As you said, brands are complicated as is the human brain and our instincts. In return, we promise not to sell or rent your details, or send you junk! Please leave this field empty.

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