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Perhaps the greatest navy in world history, the Royal Navy has been a symbol of the might of Great Britain for over two hundred years.

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The Senior mils walling cum Navy itself has a history and naval tradition that stretches back over six centuries, making it one of the oldest institutions currently in existence.

It has been the inspiration for countless novels and the image of the Royal Navy is virtually synonymous with the Age of Sail. This document contains a selection of both primary and secondary source available for both the casual and serious researcher on the history of the Royal Navy from its medieval roots to the start of the First World War. The guide can also provide an idea of where new research into the Royal Navy can be done, information particularly useful to masters and doctoral candidates amongst others.

It has been divided primarily by chronological period but also includes sections on various special topics that the discerning researcher might find useful regarding the Royal Navy. These cover multiple chronological periods, providing an overview of the Royal Navy across time.

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Included are both scholarly and popular works on the Royal Navy as well as collections of essays examining aspects of the Royal Navy throughout its history. The Battles of the British Navy. Naval Military Memoirs of Great Britain. Cambridge University Press Sea Kings of Britain: Longmans Green and Co.

Lives of British Admirals and a Naval History. First Published by Little Brown and Co.

A Short history of the Royal Navy The Evolution of the sailing Senior mils walling cum To Rule the Waves: Oxford University Press, The Habit of victory: Sovereign of the Seas: The influence of sea power on the history of the British people. Cambridge University Press, The Naval History of Great Britain. The British Battle Fleet: Ltd Updated edition also of 2 volumes.

The Royal Navy in defence and in attack.

A Navy history of England: Historical Record Of Royal marine Forces. Thomas and William Boone, The Royal Navy, the sure shield of the Empire. Statesmen and Sea power. Based on Ford Lectures, Cassell and Company ltd.

The safeguard of the sea: WW Norton and Co. The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain The Realities of Naval History. Naval Institute Press, Wrens Park Publishing, Our Navy for a thousand Years.

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Empire of the Deep: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, The History of the British Navy. Printed for Scott, Webster, and Geary, A profound study of the Royal navy. Frederick Muller Ltd, Reprint of ed. Bywater, Hector and H.

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Memoirs of Naval Secret Service. A history of the waters of the Nore Command 55 BC to Arthur Barker Limited, Cock, Randolph and N.

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The National Archives of the UK, The Age of the Ship of the line: University of Nebraska Press, The Cross and the Ensign: Hattendorf, John et als eds.

British Naval Documents Navy Records Society, The Fleet that Jack Built.

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British warship losses in the age of sail Guide to the manuscripts in the National Maritime Museum. The influence of seapower on the history of the British People. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, Laughton, John Knox ed.

National Maritime Museum, Invaluable source for a researcher into the documents available in North America on the Royal Navy. The Navy as an instrument of policy Essays in Naval History from medieval to modern. Naval History in the law courts. Longmans Green and Co Ltd, Seapower and the Control of Trade: The Anatomy of Neptune: George Routledge and Sons Ltd, Shipping the medieval military: English maritime logistics in the fourteenth century.

Some Senior mils walling cum see the start of the Royal Navy in the naval orders issued under the first Tudor Monarchs.

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English seamen in the sixteenth century: Lectures delivered at Oxford, Easter Terms, English Seapower in the Early Tudor Period, Cornell University Press, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, Letters and Papers relating to the war with France However, under Elizabeth, the foundations of English naval superiority were laid and the first legends Senior mils walling cum the Navy came into being.

The Shepard of the Ocean: An account of Sir Walter Ralegh. English privateering voyages to the West Indies, The Autobiography of Phineas Pett.

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Drake and the Tudor Navy. Longmans, Green, and Co. Ashgate for the Navy Records Society, The Elizabeth Navy and the armada of Spain.

The Elizabethan Navy Board: Howard, Clifford, Hawkins, Drake, Cavendish.

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