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Bodyjack the japanese adult cartoon

FuckBook Base Bodyjack the japanese adult cartoon.

Well, it's another round for a fullmetal alchemist fic from me as I explore one of the most strangest genres in media these days-body swap oh my! The idea came to me after watching some previews from a Japanese live-action adult mini-series, "Body Jack.

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Bodyjack the japanese adult cartoon how the transfer works that the idea I got from the show-whenever the person needs to go to another "container" or bodythat same person has to somehow "touch" or somehow kiss that other person in the lips…and I don't want to get to that part yet anyway.

Furthermore, I don't know much of science stuff with beakers, flask and whatnot so I just test the waters in the story here. Well, here's my experimentation with the body swap plot with FMA so hope you all enjoy this!

Ed and Al have begun experimenting on a secret elixir in which wouldenable the transmutation of the conscious of sentient beings essence in different forms. Unfortunately, Roy and Riza have stumbled upon the elixir the Elric brothers made and well…you know vice-versa in this one! I don't own any anime like Fullmetal Alchemist. The Elric brothers, known Bodyjack the japanese adult cartoon their expertise in alchemy were working in a secret basement beneath Central HQ working on a classified elixir that might be able to bring their bodies back to normal without ever doing the inhuman method of gaining a philosopher's stone-human sacrifices.

It seems with the new elixir they've been tirelessly working on, it might be their light at the end of their dark and desperate tunnel.

The transfer elixir had been placed safely in the glass bottle, as it displayed a green hue of liquid within. Al smiled on more of his elder brother's success. We can't wait to try out the transfer elixir. And we got to thank the colonel for letting us use the armory for our secret project. The blonde alchemist picked up the cover that was meant for the elixir's seal and held it up with a twitch of his two fingers and looked up with satisfaction written in his face.

Well, all in part that I'm an official state alchemist and we get all these privileges the colonel pulled strings for us. And as soon Ed and Al were about to leave, a knock was pounding against the door. He then opened the door and went in, along with his secretary first lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

Ed put up a front frown on Roy and deliberately. Raising both his hands up on the back of his head relaxing his stance. The pipsqueak then pulled out a vein of anger on his forehead and began trying to smack the colonel. Riza then let out a light snicker.

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The colonel would never mean that in a hard way. Ed smiled uneasily as Al let out a small laugh as well. He then then calmed down and regained his composure. I'd think you boys are heading out for a break from all of the hours making that elixir huh?

Me and Al are off outside for fresh air and grub. They then shut out the door, leaving both Roy and Riza in the room, and with the table with ingredients along with the elixir that stayed there.

Roy then turned his attention to the table.

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Riza stood still where she was and looked at him surveying the table. It showed where Ed and Al were using up schematics and formulas to develop the secret elixir they were conjuring.

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They better not be like Dr. Marcoh before them…" Roy hinted thoughtfully.

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Riza then went over to Roy's side. The colonel let out a his hand pressing in his chin of worry. As the two were standing near the brother's lab table, Roy and Riza began cleaning a bit of the mess around the room the Elric brothers made.

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Mostly just some dust debris and all. I'm thinking they should at least know how to clean after themselves. Roy then nodded a bit as he picked up chipped tools and beakers that were on the floor.

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Those two need some time thinking to look for themse-". Just then Roy's feet tripped on some large brick in the ground he didn't notice and since Riza stood near him, she then appeared to be right in front of him falling on her.

The two then crashed on the table where the brothers perfected the elixir.

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But then the special elixir's bottle cracked and smothered its green liquid contents all over the two, as smoke enveloped the room. Roy and Riza were let alone were unconscious as the green liquid laid all over them, covering their uniforms along as well. Then Riza was the first to get up in a while from the tangled mess of green she was in. Smoke was still engulfing the room.

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But the lieutenant felt a little different about herself. It really wasn't her feeling from within herself.

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But another feeling had taken the female officer instead. It was Roy who is inside his lieutenant's body.