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Facial and jaw pain

Naked Gallery Facial and jaw pain.

Whether you're experiencing a dull ache, lingering soreness or a stabbing sensation, pain in your jaw and face can be frustrating and, in some cases, even debilitating.

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Your facial or jaw pain could be caused by one of numerous sources, but here are some of the common culprits. While you may think it would be obvious if you were grinding your teeth, the fact Facial and jaw pain that many people actually grind their teeth while they're sleeping and don't even know they're doing it.

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This condition, which can affect people of all ages, has a number of potential causes, including stressful situations, crooked teeth, an abnormal bite or missing teeth. In addition to causing headaches and jaw pain, teeth grinding can also lead to tooth fractures, tooth sensitivity and loose teeth.

If you do grind your teeth, your dentist may recommend a mouthguard and general stress relief techniques to do at home. TMJ refers to your temporomandibular jointswhich are the joints that allow your mouth to open and close. When you have a TMJ disorder, also referred to as TMD, it means Facial and jaw pain something has caused the joints to function improperly, creating symptoms like jaw and facial pain, trouble moving your jaw and clicking or popping sounds when you open your mouth.

There are several approaches your dentist may take to relieve pain from TMJ, including simple changes in eating habits, exercises, medication or orthodontic treatments. In addition to a TMJ disorder or teeth grinding, the ADA notes that pain around your jaw or face might also be attributed to one of the following causes:.

To determine the exact source of your pain, schedule an appointment with a dental professional who can give you a thorough examination.

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Definition The temporomandibular joint TMJ is Facial and jaw pain joint that connects the jaw Facial and jaw pain the temporal bones of the skull. Temporomandibular joint disorder, known more commonly as TMD, occurs when there are problems with the muscles and jaws in the face.

It's often hard to know for sure if you have TMD, because one or all of these symptoms can also be present for other problems. Your dentist can help make a proper diagnosis. Some of the most common TMD symptoms include: While there is no single cure for TMD, there are different treatments that may reduce your symptoms dramatically. Your dentist may recommend one or more of the following:.

What causes facial pain?

Your dentist may suggest you seek training or counseling to help eliminate stress. You are viewing the US English site.

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