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Unusal male masturbation techniques

Sexy por pics Unusal male masturbation techniques.
After I started penetrative masturbation,...

Often the assumption is that everyone with a dick masturbates Unusal male masturbation techniques roughly the same way: But there are plenty of things you can add to your solo sex life if you want to experiment with something different. Here are a few of our favourite unusual masturbation tips.

Most people masturbate with just one hand or none — read on for a totally hands-free masturbation tip!

Grab your favourite lube, and spread it liberally over yourself. Next clasp both of your hands around your penis, fingers interlocked.

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With one hand stroking the shaft, use the other hand to rub gently around the head. While researching this article seriously, we have the most fun job!

Whatever the reason, switching up positions can give you a different sensation and perspective. Which is odd, when you think about it: While porn is amazing, watching the same porn over and over again can sometimes make your solo sex life feel a little bit routine.

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Do you fire up the same websites each time, and head to your favourite category? A blindfold, some decent headphones, and a dark room are all you need — let your imagination do the rest. There are plenty of ways to engage in a bit of hands-free masturbation — your favourite will depend on how Unusal male masturbation techniques you want to be, as well as how sensitive your penis is.