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Who does ct hook up with on rivals 2

FuckBook Base Who does ct hook up with on rivals 2.

Tamburello and Diem Brown.

Since their relationship has played out over several seasons, we watched them fall in love, we swooned as beauty tamed the beast, and our hearts shattered when they broke up. After a very rocky patch, the two found themselves in a good place thanks to another season -- The Challenge: Exes -- which served as pseudo-couples therapy by pairing them as a team.

The Challenge - Rivals 2.

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OK, so they're not officially together, but on the latest season of The Challenge -- subtitled Rivals 2 -- C. But with these shows, you're forced to constantly re-open that shoebox, take everything out and examine it.

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Plus, when you add going out to bars with them to the mix, things happen. As you can see in ETonline's exclusive sneak peek above, C.

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