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There are some topics that will always stir up controversy and kick off a great conversation at a dinner party. Sports, parenting, politics, and much more. Phone calls and whether they are necessary is yet another example.

Try it, tell your friends you prefer texting over calls. See how they react.

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Do phone calls really make sense in a business setting? Family, friends, and emergencies, of course, but as stated above, I am referring specifically to the business world.

Don't be a thief.

So no one is telling you you can't call your son, daughter, mom, or dad. Another exception is when the call is pre-scheduled.

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Sometimes, you can just get more done on the phone than you can by email. Having said that, if you feel that a business phone call is necessary, be respectful of people's time and schedule the Call gigi mobile in advance. Put it on the calendar, and then, by all means, make the call.

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However, putting those scenarios aside, there is no reason, need, or justification to pick up the phone and just call someone, especially someone you don't know in real life, and with whom you have not previously communicated.

Allow me to explain why. Think about the following scenario.

Michelle is in the middle of writing her analyst report on the future of transportation, and you want to pick her brain about your autonomous car startup, so you pick up the phone and call her. Now, Michelle has a few options.

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Hanging up is obviously even less socially acceptable. Michelle can also text back saying "I cannot talk right now. Well, yes, but if you Call gigi mobile about it, you just forced her to stop her work, her train of thought, and text you back. Because you decided now is a good time to call Michelle.

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