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Lonely chat

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If you're ever bored and alone there are plenty of bizarre apps available online that will entertain you to a certain extent. If you're just lonely these apps will also offer some comfort, or so according to their descriptions. Hundreds of apps like Pocket Boyfriend and Back Talk — which have avatars talking back to you — have been launched Lonely chat developers over the years, and even though they are just silly apps that make no sense, Lonely chat manage to stay on the market.

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These next 9 apps may seem hokey, but they do exist and have been downloaded by many users on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This app allows users to send hugs to friends and family. Now you're probably wondering, "How can a Lonely chat hug me?

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Your phone will simply vibrate when you place it on your chest to simulate the heartbeat of another person when they hug you. The idea of the app is pretty corny, but if you ever want to Lonely chat human touch and feel loved, then add some friends on the app and send them hugs in order to receive them.

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If you don't want to deal with the whole "adding friends" process, but you still want the hug, then you can just turn on the vibration tests on your Lonely chat and place it on your chest. It's the same thing the HUG!

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