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Other words for low self esteem

Good Video 18+ Other words for low self esteem.

This is a very interesting topic.

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Perhaps, the more ways where this can be described, there might be a reduction of it. The condition being described seems two- fold.

40 synonyms of self-esteem from...

When someone humiliates another, it can be referred to as "degradation," or "intimidation," or "tormenting" another. If one derives a certain enjoyment in actively demonstrating this type of behavior, the term "sadist" might be applied, but be warned of its sexual connotation.

These terms would be These terms would be describing when the aggressor engages in such behavior against a particular topic. In terms of examining it from the receiving end, one can be "targeted," or "victimized," or "ensnared in a web of cruelty.

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I think you are mentioning two different things in your question, although they are connected in some ways. First, low self esteem is when a person thinks about himself or herself too much in a lowly way. And for this reason does not feel good about himself or herself.

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Second, a person who does not value you or mistreats you is an unkind person with some issues. This may lead to low self esteem or it may not.

Low self-esteem synonyms. Top synonyms...

If you don't care about that person, then it probably will not both you. To suffer from low self-esteem is to feel 'diffident'.

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It's a sense of 'inferiority' that impairs your 'confidence' and affects your attitude to life. Low self-esteem may be due to depression of some kind.

According to OED: diffident: modest...

You consider yourself unfit or underprepared, not equipped enough to sort and battle out things in life. In such a situation, you will be exposed to criticism, humiliation, insinuation and the like.

Low self-esteem is not 'humility'; 'humility' is a virtue, for it keeps our pride and vanity under control. What is another word for low self-esteem?

Or when a person does not appreciate or value you? Related Questions Think of a situation where you are supposed to do something in the future but can't.

It needs to teach basic grammar skills, What are you doing after class Subject Third, other words for low self esteem are: Begin typing the name of a book or author: Popular Questions Make a comparison between Derivational affixes and Inflectional affixes? One of my favorite song or one of my favorites song? self esteem is how u feel about urself.

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low self-esteem is when u dont like urself, or u feel bad about urself. thats one reason ppl make fun of other ppl, b/c they.

40 synonyms of self-esteem from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 89 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for self-esteem.

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