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What are your plans for ?

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I want to take a break and have a nice holiday to recharge my batteries because I buried myself in work last year. I also want to have more collaborations with outstanding directors in Hong Kong or elsewhere and try to play different characters to boost my acting ability.

What are the most unforget table achievements in your life or career?

At the very beginning, I was just a very low- profile star from Taiwan and I underwent many difficulties to develop my career in Hong Kong. I was really touched by my fans' whole-hearted support and the directors who gave me many opportunities to star in their films to improve my acting.

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So, I think starring in good movies and winning support from the audience are, so far, the most satisfying and unforgettable things in my career. What has been your biggest achievement? I don't think it's time for me to say because I still need to make more improvements.

Winning the best supporting actress award at the Golden Horse awards was my biggest achievement so far. I attended the ceremony with Leon Lai. I couldn't believe it when the host called my name Shu qi hot sexy announcing the best supporting actress.

What are your favourite colours? You Shu qi hot sexy not believe it, but I love darker colours like blue, grey and black. What kind of books do you like to read?

I'm quite an emotional person, so I love reading love or romance stories. Sometimes I imagine I'm a character in one of the stories.

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What kind of man would you like as your boyfriend? He doesn't need Shu qi hot sexy be very handsome and rich. I'll wait for someone who loves me with his whole heart and who will take care of me for the rest of his life.

What is your success formula for becoming a good actress? Don't flatter me, I still have many things to learn about acting. I think my strength is being able to maintain close communication with directors and follow their instructions. Acting is a Shu qi hot sexy of communication between the director and the characters. If you can manage it well, you can present your character convincingly.

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What kind of movies do you like to act in? Romantic and love Shu qi hot sexy like City of Glass. It was about a couple who met at university in the s and dreamed of a rosy future, but they were destined to lead separate lives.

Do you want to be a singer? Actually, I have never thought of it. To be honest, nobody, so far, has invited me. But I am open to the possibility that I will try it in the future.