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How much water to drink before dating ultrasound

Naked Pictures How much water to drink before dating ultrasound.
Discuss drinking for scans and...

That's exactly what I was told to do for the first ultrasound I had with each pregnancy. Usually after they get everything they need they let you get up and use the restroom and then proceed to let you see your baby. Part hippie-chick, part type-A career woman, all mama. Enjoying life as a wife to my partner of 11 years, and a mama to our smarty-pants toddler, Cadence. I have my big 20 week ultrasound on Monday morning and have been told to arrive with my bladder "comfortably full".

I need help with instuctions...

Does anyone recall that they were told to drink a certain amount of water - and how much was that? In a previous pregnancy, I arrived at the ultrasound place with an empty bladder and was scolded for this, despite the fact that no one told me otherwise. I was told to drink so many cups or ounces of this ice cold water they had there, which totally threw my system into shock and gave me the shakes I was also very nervous, but still.

I'd like not be overly full and extremely uncomfortable the whole time, but also not have to drink any MORE water when I get there because I'm not full enough. When I got a reminder call I was told to drink 20, so of course How much water to drink before dating ultrasound went with the smaller amount. I was told my bladder was "huge. I think 20oz should be sufficient if things are running on time.

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If I were to do it over I would drink the 20 oz then taken a small pee after waiting for a while. With my first I drank 32ish oz. It was so incredibly painful I couldn't enjoy it.

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With this on I drank normally all day and it was so much better. They still saw everything and got all the measurements they needed and I wasn't almost in tears from having to pee so bad. If your bladder isn't full enough you can always chug some more once you get there. I've had four or five ultrasounds this pregnancy, the early ones were trans vaginal, so no water. The 20 week anatomy scan was transabdominal, as was my 14 week bleeding scare, and my 11 week nuchal fold they had to do both because of the baby's position.

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I haven't had to drink water for any of them. I have had my uterus ultrasounded when not pregnant, too, and I did have to drink water that time, but I was told it was't necessary during pregnancy.

Human milk for human babies! My little slip for my ultrasound appointment says to drink 16 oz of water 1 hour beforehand. For example, my appt is Originally Posted by kallyn.

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Just had mine last week and was told by the receptionist to drink oz of water an hour before How much water to drink before dating ultrasound then when I got there the tech said that was crazy and had me pee out a cup a styrafoam cup! Do you know how hard it was to stop peeing?!?!? Pineapple Head is offline. I was given very specific instructions: Don't drink all the water at once. Don't pee once you start drinking. I was only told to come with a full bladder at the 8 week dating scan; the subsequent NT scan 12 weeks and anatomy scan 18 weeks I was told I did not have to do any special prep, so I didn't.

I just drank my usual amount of liquid, and they were able to see everything perfectly fine. I believe that around 11 or 12 weeks your uterus pops up above your pelvic bone, which is why you really don't need a full bladder by that point to help "push" it up and out so the tech can get a good look like you have to early on.

Just my experience and two cents, for what it's worth! I just had mine at 19 weeks 2 days and I was given no instructions about drinking.

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I drank about a quarter to a half a liter in the car on the way there and the doctor who did the ultrasound didn't comment about the fullness lack of fullness of my bladder at all. I can't imagine what would be "comfortably full" though halfway through a second or more pregnancy The tech I went to said they don't need you to drink water to see the baby.

It's to make the ovaries and other non-baby measurements easier to do.

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I was told 1 L of clear fluid 1 hour before the scan. When I did this with DS, the tech burst out laughing when she saw the baby. My bladder was so full that he was litterally squished and couldn't move. It was my first ultrasound so I didn't know any better - I thought he looked great.

But this time I know...

They sent me to pee to the count of 40 not once or twice but three times!! Then I could see the difference, he was stretching out and bouncing all over the place. The tech told me that if you normally drink a lot of fluids and stay well hydrated, you don't need to have nearly as much before the scan. So for my 12 week ultrasound with this baby, I didn't drink anything extra, I just didn't pee all morning and had my usual tea, juice, etc.

Well that wasn't enough - How much water to drink before dating ultrasound tech complained that the baby was hard to see and I could tell that she was having a tough time getting all the angles necessary to get the measurements.

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I have my 20 week scan today and I guess I'll aim for an amount in between my two previous experiences. I was told I should drink 32 ounces one hour before the 20 week anatomy scan and they haven't told me to drink this much water for any of my other scans - I assume because they didn't need to see as much detail at those scans?

If the point is just to fill up the bladder so that the uterus pops out of the pelvis more then I'm guessing the total 32 ounces probably isn't necessary for How much water to drink before dating ultrasound it seems to be popping out enough already but if I can drink it without feeling really uncomfortable I will just to make the ultrasound technician's job as easy as possible for her.

It's very helpful to hear what you've all done. I think I'll aim for at least 20 ounces, and bring my own - not ice cold - water with me to sip on the way. I was told empty my blader and drink 32oz and finish it an hour befor. I just had mine at 18w, and the tech actually asked if I had to use the restroom before she did any of the ultrasound--an empty bladder was no problem for her.

There was also a sign in the front office that said if you were 15 weeks or later, then you did not have to have a full bladder for your ultrasound. At 20 weeks, you should be fine. If I were you, I'd just drink normally and try not to pee within an hour or two before the ultrasound. If you have to go when you get there, ask to be sure if it would be ok for you to use the restroom before your exam.

You don't want to be squirming in pain on the table for no reason!

Thank you again everyone! I had my ultrasound this morning, and went in with quite an uncomfortably full bladder - 20 ounces would do that - and was surprised when the tech said that if I had to empty my bladder, I could. Why did you tell me to drink all that stinkin' water?? The kiddo looks great! BB code is On. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Originally Posted by kallyn My little slip for my ultrasound appointment says to drink 16 oz of water 1 hour beforehand.

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