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Clitoris story ticklish

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I could not see her...

Clitoris story ticklish I mean come on I like watching Disney every once in a while but it's just too squeaky clean to put Naruto on it. Don't they know that shippuuden is darker, more dramatic and more violent than part one, I swear people do stuff backwards, but oh well I guess it can't be helped.

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This story is very explicit. If you're underage or that stuff bugs you, don't read it because I don't want to hear it.

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This story was something my cousin came up and she asked me to write it and in exchange I got to choose the pairing and I chose Kin and Tayuya.

One day during the summer, we finished cheerleading practice and everybody else had Clitoris story ticklish home. I had to wait for my friend Tayuya, who lives two doors away. Tayuya is a gymnast and she was working out in the gym.

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It was about three o'clock. I waited outside and there were only three cars there One belonged to the janitor, one to Tayuya, and one to her gymnastics coach.

I got tired of waiting and went back inside. As I got through the door, the janitor, Mr.

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Orochimaru said, "Kin, I'm locking everything up for the day. If you leave last, be sure to close the door all the way so that it locks. I went into the gym. Tayuya and her coach, Miss Guren was there. Tayuya was in sweatpants and her gym leotard. It looked like they just finished. I have to go. Clitoris story ticklish got onto the Clitoris story ticklish parallel bars and did the rest of her workout, about two more minutes. Then she started to tie some ropes to the sides of the lower bar and lowered it until it was about two feet off the ground.

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Then she arched and twisted around a little bit for a couple minutes. Then she pulled her ankles out of the loops and got up. It'd be good for limbering you so you can do splits when you're cheerleading! I did that but it was kind of tight. My legs were Clitoris story ticklish WAY apart.

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Now lay back and arch your back a little. I tried that, but it was hard with my legs stretched out as wide as they were and Clitoris story ticklish that position and I kept slipping around. She took two more ropes out of her gym bag and tied them to the side posts of the upper bar.

I did that too and she started tying loops around my wrists. This way you can grab hold of the ropes with your hands and that will keep you in place so you can arch.

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I didn't really Clitoris story ticklish this, but I was having some trouble with my splits, so I reached back and Tayuya tied my wrists to the ropes.

I was spread-eagled to the uneven bars with my legs up in the air. I tried, but I was stretched out so much that I couldn't move much.

(This story is very explicit....

If you give me any trouble or crap over it, I'm leaving and I'll be back in the morning just before it opens and untie Clitoris story ticklish, and it will be your word against mine. And you DO have a habit of making up stories. It was embarrassing, but there wasn't much I could do. She took my ankle and retied it to the loop.

What are you going to do, take pictures?

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What was she going to do to me? Tayuya went to her gym bag and brought it over. She knelt down between my outstretched legs and sat the gym bag to one side.

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So this here is what gets to be punished. And Clitoris story ticklish going to tickle you there for about an hour. I tried to get away, but my legs were tied so far apart that I couldn't move my butt side to side more than a few inches, and Tayuya followed that with the duster. All I could do was arch a little bit, but not much either.

I was still giggling a little. Does that get you off?

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But her answer surprised me. And you can tickle me wherever you like and as much as you want. Tickle me till I pass out if you want! Then she lifted my butt and put the towel underneath it. Tayuya has short but sharp nails and she was lightly fingering them Clitoris story ticklish over the outside of my pussy. And I could start feeling heat inside me. Tayuya put the fingers of one hand on each side of my slit and pulled it apart so all the red insides were exposed.

I wondered how many other girls had been Clitoris story ticklish like I was now and tickled by this little monster. It felt great too and turned me on, and I was dripping wet, but it tickled terribly!

Tayuya teased as she ran that darned feather up and down. I felt her hands pulling me apart and exposing me more. I expected her to get a towel or something.

Instead, the next thing I felt there was soft and rough and wet. I started gigglingOh, that tickled! I raised my head to look and Clitoris story ticklish enough, she was licking my pussy! All I could do was drop my Clitoris story ticklish back down and giggle helplessly. I was so helpless that I was reduced to just giggling. Clitoris story ticklish next thing I felt there was very soft and made me giggle crazilly I managed to lift my head.

Tayuya had pulled her short red hair over the top of her head, and she was holding me WIDE open so all the red was exposed and she was sweeping her hair over my pussy! She leaned back in and started putting little quick kisses up and down my pussy. Her lips pecked up and down quickly, and each little touch sent tingles all through me of tickles and desire. How much more evil could she get? I would have hit the roof if I could have moved.

And she did it that long, too, using everything she said she would. Hehehehehehe" I was getting very hot, and I could feel it build inside of me.

It wouldn't be long, but I was going to fight it and enjoy it as much as I could. I started giggling so hard, I thought I would pass out. Gonna make my lil girl cum! But her free hand started scribbling up and down my pussy, tickling it madly! She was evil and did that three or four times. Surprisingly, she smiled and said: Then she leaned in with her mouth and tickle-licked the area all around and in between.

It didn't take long. I arched and ground my butt, arched and ground. She followed my moves and kept right on her teasing, fingering my clit, fingering my g-spot, and licking my pussy like a mad woman. I came and came, I lost count of how many and how long.

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I finally collapsed on the floor and wasn't able to cum again. She'd taken the feather duster and was tickling my pussy with it again!

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