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How to have a confident posture

Pics Gallery How to have a confident posture.

If someone were to walk in the room right now, what preconceptions might they make about you simply based on your body language? If you don't think your body has a language of its own, think again. A large percentage of communication and how people perceive you comes from body language.

Studies have shown that those...

This includes posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Your body language might reveal your true feelings or intentions or self-confidence.

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Perhaps you feel tired, angry, bored, frustrated, or enthusiastic, but some of these might not be feelings you want to communicate in a given situation. Do you really want your boss to read your body language that shows you are bored with his speech is making skills?

Once you learn the power...

Understanding and managing body language boosts your confidence in two ways. First, by managing your body language and sending appropriate signals in specific situations, you receive positive feedback and feel assured you aren't sabotaging your own success or the perceptions of others.

More importantly, when you practice powerful, positive body language, you're sending messages to How to have a confident posture brain to reinforce positive, confident feelings. Smiling not only makes you more attractive and trustworthy, it also improves your health, your stress level, and your feelings about yourself.

Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body, and it releases endorphins that counteract and diminish stress hormones. It also has been shown to increase productivity while performing tasks. According to several studies, smiling can trick your brain into feeling happy, even when you feel sad as you're smiling. When you wake up in the morning, stand in front of your mirror and smile at yourself.

Yes, you will feel foolish, but practice smiling to yourself for a minute or two. When you're in your car How to have a confident posture alone at your desk, practice smiling. Be aware of the impact smiling has on other people, and remind yourself to smile more often with others. You practice good posture when your position sitting or standing creates the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments.

When you sit, your back is straight, your rear is against the back of the chair, your feet are flat on the floor, and you bend your knees at a right angle. When standing you should be able to draw an imaginary straight line from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee and the middle of your ankle. Good posture is essential for avoiding back and neck pain, prevent muscle aches and keeping your bones and joints in proper alignment. It opens airways to ensure proper breathing, which allows all of your organs and tissues to function properly.

Good posture also reflects a confident demeanor to others. When you stand straight, with your shoulders back and head held high, you look How to have a confident posture and poised. Notice your posture right now, as you are reading this book.

Are you slumped in your chair with your back bent, neck forward, and shoulders hunched? Practice sitting and standing with correct posture. Look at yourself in the mirror and make adjustments so you feel the proper alignment of your body. Wear a rubber band on your wrist or some other physical reminder to stand or sit up straight.

Ask a family member to notice your posture and comment when it's bad. When you enter a room of people or a meeting, correct your posture before you walk in the room. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy revealed in her TED talk that standing or sitting with certain poses for as little two minutes raises testosterone levels and lowers cortisol the stress hormone.

These poses can impact your performance, as well as your success at work, with clients, and in your relationships. Many of the poses involve opening your body and taking up space, making you feel more confident and powerful.

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Make note of the various power poses she explains. You can also read this article to see pictures of people in these poses. Select two or three poses that you might practice by yourself and in professional situations when you want to appear and feel powerful. Practice doing these poses every day for a few weeks until they feel natural. If you want to reach an agreement, win the girl, persuade someone to your side of things, engaged body language gives you more confidence and sends powerful messages to others to win them over.

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Engaged body language involves using open gestures, smiling and nodding, and mirroring the expressions and movements of the other person.

Think about upcoming situations in which you want to reach an agreement or win someone over.

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Practice the encounter beforehand using confident body language. In casual conversation, practice mirroring expressions and movements so you feel confident about it before your big meeting. Remember your arms and legs. Crossing your arms suggests you feel defensive, self-protective, and closed off.

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Crossing your legs away from another person can suggest you dislike them or feel discomfort. If you clasp your hands behind your back, you might be saying you feel bored, anxious, or even angry. Hands clasped and crossed over the genitals is a self-comfort gesture that reveals vulnerability or shyness.

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