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Attended University of British Columbia Walking, reading, armchair travel, armchair archaeology. Elementary school teacher in British Columbia, Canada, ; Burnaby Arts Council, Burnaby, British Columbia, secretary, office worker, and coordinator, ; freelance writer, —. Neville Books secondhand bookstoreBurnaby, former owner with husband for twelve years.

A Writer's Adults dating are we gonna do stonehenge history encyclopedia for the Northwest, J. Coauthor Light Like a Summons poetryedited by J. Winter on the Plain of Ghosts: Songs from the Drowned Lands: Contributor to poetry collection Quintet: Editor of newsletter for the Burnaby Writer's Society.

Canadian novelist Eileen Kernaghan is an award-winning author who mixes mythology, archaeology, and history into her stories of science fiction and fantasy for adults and teens. Best known for her "Grey Isles" trilogy set in ancient Celtic times, more recently Kernaghan has completed two young adult novels, Dance of the Snow Dragon and The Snow Queen that are fantasies set in Bhutan and Victorian Scandinavia respectively.

In an interview with Frank Garcia for Cross-Canada Writers, Kernaghan related that she began writing for publication when she was approximately twelve years old. She started in science fiction but switched to fantasy when she realized her background in "the rules of the real world"—like biology, chemistry, and physics—was lacking.

When asked why the fantasy genre appeals to her, she told Garcia: When your life, the country, and the whole world are in a mess, it's nice to read a book in which Order wins over Chaos. From a writer's point of view, what other genre allows you to create, populate and make up all the rules for an entire universe? It's the ultimate act of self-indulgence.

It is the story of Nhiall, a religious novice forced to flee his land after accidentally killing a man. While traveling across the terrain of ancient Europe, Nhiall attempts to discover the last survivors of an even older civilization.

This journey, however, is disrupted by numerous encounters with bandits and barbarians. According to Vancouver Sun contributor Leslie Peterson, the novel is "plausible" and "well balanced. The second novel in the trilogy, Songs from the Drowned Lands: Events in this novel are set before the action in Journey to Aprilioth. As Melanie Conn explained in Kinesis, " Songs from the Drowned Lands is a pre-historic disaster novel which explores the mystery of Stonehenge and the disappearance of the Grey Isles beneath the sea.

Each of the four 'Songs'—or novelettes—focuses on one character's response to foreknowledge of the coming disaster: What do people do when they know that the world is about to end? Kernaghan once told CA: Essentially, I just enjoy telling a good story. But people whose opinions I respect tell me that my books are about making choices, accepting responsibility, seeking values in something larger than oneself.

Perhaps that's because I'm looking at the world of B. Instead of buying a book Adults dating are we gonna do stonehenge history encyclopedia they liked it, the publishers were more interested in what books the stores could sell. Many science fiction careers came to a halt. Thistledown eagerly accepted her first young adult fantasy novel, Dance of the Snow Dragon; this was soon followed by a second story, The Snow Queen, which won the Aurora.

A third young adult fantasy, The Alchemist's Daughter, was published by Thistledown in late Kernaghan described Dance of the Snow Dragon as "a young adult fantasy with a Tibetan Buddhist background, set in eighteenth-century Bhutan.

The legendary story starts with...

Fantasy author Sean Stewart reviewed the novel thus: This book delivers in spades that sense of wonder fantasy was always supposed to be about. After completing Dance of the Snow Dragon, Kernaghan wrote a novelette titled "Dragon-Rain," which, as she told Casey Wolf in an email interview published on the author's Web site, "led me to books on Finnish and Saami shamanism—and then to the Finnish myth cycle, the Kalevala. I began to hear echoes, in [Hans Christian] Andersen's Christian fantasy, of the older, darker mythology of the Kalevala.

The story is set in Victorian times. Gerda, a very proper young girl from a Danish village, sets out north to rescue her friend Kai from imprisonment in the Snow Queen's palace. On her way, she teams up with the uncivilized Ritva, who is based on Andersen's Little Robber Maiden character. Although Ritva seems like the tougher character on the surface, it is Gerda's ability to stick to her goal that eventually wins the day.

About her books, Kernaghan once concluded for CA: The Shambhala legend is an archetypal spiritual quest—a physical journey which is also a metaphor for the inward Adults dating are we gonna do stonehenge history encyclopedia, emotional and spiritual journey towards enlightenment.

When my first Bronze Age fantasy novel was published, I was asked in an interview, "To what extent are your books autobiographical? Grindrod, where I grew up, is a farming village on the banks of the Shuswap River, at the north end of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

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My father's dairy farm was a mile out of town on Monk Road—a winding gravel lane named after my grandfather. Until I started school I seldom had a chance to play with other children, but I learned to read when I was four or five, and my fantasy life from then on was rich and satisfying.

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My mother said she had taught me to read out of sheer desperation, because she had so little time to tell me stories. There were huge midday meals to cook for the harvesting crews, milking machine parts to be sterilized, butter to be churned, bread to be baked, chickens to be fed.

The laundry, fed through a hand-operated wringer washer and hung outdoors in all weathers, occupied one full day every week.

My mother hated our tall farmhouse, with its dark wainscotting and its unused rooms full of inherited clutter. It was almost impossible to keep clean.

In winter, pig swill was cooked in the kitchen, and sometimes in the coldest weather a new litter of pigs, kept warm behind the woodstove, would escape into the living room. Downstairs, only the kitchen and living room were heated.

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In winter we froze ice cream in the best parlour, and put on our coats to go upstairs to bed. We had been in the house for some years before indoor plumbing was installed.

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