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Found my wife on dating site

Nude photos Found my wife on dating site.

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The full rules for the subreddit can be found on our Wikiplease familiarize yourself with them. I [27M] found my wife [27F] on a dating site Relationships self.

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I found my wife on a dating site. She says she has no idea how the profile got set up or how the app got installed on her phone.

Not sure what to do So, let me start this by saying that my wife has never given me any reason to distrust her. She doesn't lie, has always been very transparent in her goings on, etc.

I know that she loves me and I love her. It started with her asking me to log into her email account so that I could print some attachment that was sent to her.

If you're wondering why she didn't just forward the email, it's because - like I said - she's always been transparent with everything. So, I log in, find the email and print the doc. However, I clicked on her "Social" tab and see a ton of emails - starting in November of last year - addressed from Zoosk.

I do a little digging and find her profile on the site. Found my wife on dating site mean, there is no profile pic and her relationship history is empty, but everything else is there - her height, weight, build, religious affiliation, etc. So I try to rationalize. Maybe someone set it up using her email address her friends never really liked me, anyway. I mean, it has to be a mistake - who uses their actual email account to set up a dating site profile? Found my wife on dating site when your SO has access to that account.

So, I try to rationalize. This morning, I grabbed her phone and looked for signs that it was some mistake. To my relief, I found no Zoosk app. Then, I remember that Google Play keeps all of the apps you've downloaded on record so that you can easily find and reinstall them if needed. Play Store - My Apps - All Then, there it is - Zoosk.

It's no longer installed, but it has been before. So, I question her about it. Ask her why she did it, why she didn't talk to me if she was feeling any kind of way that would push her to this She says she doesn't know what I'm talking about - she's never seen the app, never installed it, and Found my wife on dating site no idea how it got installed or how her profile got set up. Usually, I'd be mad, livid, or any other hyperbole you can think of; but, today I was just sad.

She tells me to look at the emails, so I do, and none of them have been read or even opened. As you say that e-mails have not been read this is partialy good sign but she doesn't have to read e-mail as she can read personal messeges on zoosk itself. In my opinion ask her to give you permission to check.

Log to her profile if there is no password and she doesn't know one just reqest for it to be send to e-mail. Check messeges that has been send.

Think also about what happened in november.

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What worries me is that she gave her details and had app installed. If it was just app you could explain that it was accidental miss click but since she filled profile accident is very unlikely. Sometimes people just like to look without doing anything.

The same way you turn your head when hot girl passes by. It's still breaking a trust but it doesn't necessarily means she is cheating. Well, that's the thing - do I think she's cheating on me? Do I think she did something stupid and regretful? We had issues last year because we work opposite schedules and never got to see each other. So, I can understand it to a point.

I can forgive that. But, if that's what happened, then why not just tell me? Hey I just want to piggyback on Found my wife on dating site comment so that you'll see this. I accidentally signed up for zoosk once.

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They disguise as a quiz site and I didn't know until I started getting emails about creepy men messaging me. I had signed up through my Facebook so it had all my info including that I was in a relationship.

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I had no desire to sign up for a dating site. I was bored and looking for quizzes. Maybe she is ashamed and doesn't want to ruin things back again when you are back to good relationships. She may think that saying "I was pissed off so I registered on dating site" may hurt you more than it actually will. It may be entirely a case.

It may not be but gathering more evidence either one way or the other is required to make that discussion.

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That's why I suggested that you log to the profile with her present so there is no behind back investigation leading to more bad feelings. Well, I was able to log into the account using her email and the password that she uses for everything else that only she and I know.

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Nothing is in there - no messages or anything else. Still, I don't know what to think Not defending your wife, but if Zoosk is the one that she was caught on, then there is a chance she didn't fill anything out. Zoosk is Facebook-based so it just uses all of your profile data and liked pages to fill all the forms.

From what I understand it's easy to allow the app access to your Facebook 1 clickespecially on a PC. Her personal password was associated with the site. She would have had to explicitly put that info in. I only mention this because it happened to my mom 2 years ago - she was playing around on Facebook and one of her friends was posting links from Zoosk. My mom saw someone that looked familiar so she clicked on it and then clicked a few other things to try and see the person's picture and Zoosk linked to her Facebook account and made her a profile based off of her Facebook info.

It was an accident based on her curiosity and I ended up having to remove it for her when it started auto posting random links to her Facebook page. You were able to log into the account using a password she uses. This is not something Found my wife on dating site automatically gets created.

You have to enter that password the first time manually. Even though there were no messages on the dating site, they could have: Expired after a certain date and been deleted 2.

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