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First date email

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The perfect welcome email can be compared to a first date with someone you really, really like — both require a calculated mix of chemistry and good strategy. Basically, you have to have some game. Let me illustrate why:.

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By agreeing to go on a first date, you and the other person have solidified some baseline level of interest in one another. Whether you find them cute or think they have a great sense of humor, that interest will either grow into a series of dates to follow, fizzle out, or maybe even turn into First date email serious relationship — depending on compatibility and your dating style.

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A customer has shown initial interest in your brand or products and has signed up for your newsletter. As a brand, you have to communicate with them in a way that persuades them to checkout and, ideally, helps them become a lifelong customer.

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The same goes for deploying your welcome email after signup. Just like you would take advantage of that information when thinking about the perfect first date, you need to be proactive about First date email the best experience for your customer.

Capture information during the sign-up form like gender and interests in a signup form so you can tailor your welcome email to each unique user.

1. Make sure your profile...

Stay true to your brand while giving customers what they want. Be true to who you are to set the foundation for a long lasting relationship. For email, answer First date email questions in your welcome message: How are your products different from your competitors, and why does this customer need them?

Writing a great first email...

Translating this idea to the welcome email could mean adding customer testimonials, quotes from earned media and other content that establishes your organization as a thought leader or sales leader in the category. Helping to establish that level of trust needed to get customers to commit to purchasing First date email critical during the first engagement.

First date email Consider what the long-term impact of discounting will look like with your customer relationships. Give users time to convert on their own at full price vs. When you do offer discounts, be sure to focus on the longer term value and lifecycle mechanics of those promotion takers, not just on gross near-term conversions. Make your intentions clear.

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Provide one strong call-to-action CTA. You know that you like the person you are going out with, so make sure she knows that too. The welcome email should have one — and only one — purpose: Staying respectfully persistent and approachable is a winning tactic in the inbox too.

A welcome series can consist of a multitude of emails deployed in a daily or custom cadence that includes a number of messages that will help convert users and guide their way down the purchasing funnel. Addressing misconceptions, covering FAQ, highlighting popular or back in stock inventory announcements, etc.