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Mumbai nightlife for singles

Pron Pictures Mumbai nightlife for singles.

A unique singles club for people over 27 years has been making heads turn in Mumbai.

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A Ganesh Nadar explores the dynamics behind running this enterprise. O ne August night inVarsha and Abhishek Agnihotri found themselves at a party amidst 99 young people, everyone over 27 and everyone single.

They looked around and smiled.

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When they'd sent out an email about 20 days ago, they certainly weren't expecting this large a crowd. The brother-sister duo had been single for a while now -- Abhishek had recently broken up with his girlfriend -- and like many young people in big cities, they discovered it wasn't very easy to meet new people, let alone find love. The party they hosted in the upmarket suburb of Bandra was an Mumbai nightlife for singles to get more people like themselves -- single and looking to hook up -- and basically introduce everyone to everyone.

What they started that evening in is now a popular single's club called Footloose No More that has over registered members across age groups from various metros across the country. And in over two and a half years, they've organised over 40 events, including exclusive parties, bunches, karaoke nights, jam sessions, treks, adventure sports events and on a few occasions even cricket matches at The Oval! The Mumbai nightlife for singles prerequisites to be part of the club are that you must be at least 27 years of age and have a minimum Mumbai nightlife for singles friends on your Facebook profile.

And when they have over a friends, it also means that they have been active for some time and haven't just opened a fake account to get into Footloose. Unfortunately, if a person does not have an FB account, they cannot join us yet. N eedless to say the applications are scanned for prospective creeps.

Besides going through their posts and looking for abusive messages, Footloose No More demands applicants to share their personal phone numbers and further verify their details. This should match what has been spelled out in the registration form. The website registration process is designed such that one can only register through Facebook and it will fill out certain 'non editable' fields which makes it impossible to fudge your details.

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