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This is a list of characters from the English sitcom The Inbetweeners that ran for three series from — A film was also released, followed by a sequel in Simon is the oldest member of the group.

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He becomes best friends with Will after initially avoiding him due to his "actual briefcase", "clumpy shoes" and "gay hair". Simon's first task of the new term is showing Will to his classes — a task assigned by the Head of Sixth Form, Mr.

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Simon being the eldest; was also the first to learn how to drive, having passed his driving test in dubious circumstances before Christmas. His father bought him an old small, yellow Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii — Simon, his friends and others think the car is very embarrassing and dislike the colour, and mock the fact that it has a tape deck. The car loses its passenger-side door due to Jay opening the door suddenly whilst having an argument with Simon when he was reversing at Thorpe Park.

However, in "Caravan Club", the door has been replaced with a red one. Simon has had a crush on his childhood friend Carli D'Amato since she was eight years old, an interest which becomes more apparent throughout the series.

Despite many pathetic attempts to show her his feelings — such as spray painting "I Love Carli D'Amato" on her driveway — for a long time she didn't reciprocate, partly due to having a boyfriend, but in the final episode of the second series: Carli agreed to meet Simon at the Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe pub for a post-exam drink, but when she arrived it was revealed she had reconciled with her boyfriend, to the disappointment of Simon.

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His parents briefly go on a trial separation in " The Duke of Edinburgh Awards ", but they had reconciled by the end of the episode. In series 3, Simon takes part in the school charity fashion show, but embarrasses both himself and Carli when he walks along the catwalk wearing Speedos with a testicle sticking out.

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In the episode " The Gig and the Girlfriend ", Simon gets a girlfriend, Tara, whom he kisses at a concert. The couple break up at the end of the episode " A Trip to Warwick " after they fail to have sex due to Simon not able to get an erection.

Simon is perhaps the most irritable of the group, especially when in discussions with his family, where he frequently over-reacts to gentle goading and even kind advice. He is often shown to Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe extremely impulsive and vulgar, saying and doing things that cause him great embarrassment.

He is also known for getting into a slew of misfortunes including being physically and verbally abused once by a twelve-year-oldaccused of being a "paedophile" on numerous occasions, failing to have sex with his former girlfriend Tara after taking Jay's questionable sex advice, and humiliating himself in front of Carli, most notably during the fashion show. In the last episode, the boys play a game where they swap mobile phones, and have to send a text message to anyone of their choice on the phone's contact list.

Simon later receives a reply from Carli that leaves him with a smile, which suggests she feels the same way as Simon, and indicates that there is more in store for him and Carli.

It turns out Carli is there too, because Neil asked her where she Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe going and booked a holiday to the same place. Simon chases Carli for the whole film, leaving a girl named Lucy in the dust. In the end, Carli kissed Simon on a party boat, but only to get back at another man. Simon tells her that their relationship probably wouldn't work out and tries to swim from the boat back to the shore to Lucy. He nearly drowns, getting airlifted to the shore where he tells Lucy how he feels about Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe, then goes to a hospital.

In the credits, found footage shows all the boys with their new girlfriends, which indicates that they all found the right person in Greece and it all ended "happily ever after". Jay is obsessed with sex, with almost all his comments being on the subject. In fact, he is the least sexually experienced of the group, frequently relying on pornography to attain gratification, as he finds it difficult engaging with girls.

He is also the physically weakest of the group, with his scrawny physique and small penis size being constantly made fun of throughout the show's run. His dad contradicts Jay's exaggerated stories in an often bullying nature, claiming Jay is very unsuccessful with women this is likely the source of Jay's obsessionand is always putting him down in some way or another.

He is arrogant, insecure and two-faced, often inventing stories about his various exploits and giving his friends bad advice about sex to bolster his ego, while being aware that they will inevitably fail. At the end of the first series, Jay opens up to Big John, admitting that many of his stories are somewhat exaggerated because he is worried that people do not notice him, and that he is afraid of being ignored.

However, he throws this side of him away when Samantha, a girl possessing many similar characteristics to Jay, starts chatting to him.

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He seldom performs any acts of kindness and he routinely insults even his closest friends, with his comments reaching a more severe level than the insults the rest of the group frequently exchange. In one of the deleted scenes he even insults Will in German. It is implied in the last episode that Jay may have been sexually abused by his former next-door neighbour, when Neil mentions a "game" that Jay and the neighbour used to "play" in the garden shed, which Jay denies abruptly.

Jay's only friend who genuinely likes him is Neil, purely because he is so gullible and believes Jay's extravagant stories. Another recurring theme of Jay's character is that he often steals things, such as hair removal cream "Duke of Edinburgh Awards" and a Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe for a house party "Will's Birthday" from a girl named Sadie Cunningham during registration.

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He also often gets Simon into trouble for things he had said, most notably getting Simon throttled by a man after Jay shouted "bus wankers! Between the second and third series, Jay passed his driving test; however, both his car and driving skills are equally as poor as Simon's. In 'The Inbetweeners Movie', Jay is the force behind the idea that the boys should go out, drink and have Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe with random girls.

However, he ends up falling for a woman named Jane who, despite being overweight, is easy-going and funny. He initially insults her and implies he is embarrassed by her weight, to which she writes him off, but they reconcile when he realises his pre-conceived ideas about women were wrong and that he really likes Jane.

Despite his series-long judgemental nature about girls' appearances, he appears to have overcome it when Neil makes a careless remark about Jane's weight, and he replies with "What a horrible thing to say".

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She gives him his first ever blowjob and they immediately become a couple. Neil is the slow and somewhat dim member of the group. Due to his gullibility, Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe is often the only person who believes Jay's outrageous stories, and often fails to pick up the sarcasm in Will's one-liners.

His friends tease him about his father being a " bender "; both Neil and his father strongly deny this. He has, along with Simon and Jay, passed his driving test and owns a souped-up Vauxhall Nova GSibut it does not have an engine. He takes part in the school's version of Blind Date and wins an unwanted date with Susie, one of the school's "freaks".

He works at Thorpe Parkand also works on-off over the series at Asda. He can do " The Robot " and has a crush on his biology teacher Miss Timbs.

Despite being mentally slow, he is friendly and outgoing compared to the rest of the group.

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Neil is the most sexually experienced of the group; a recurring theme is that Neil ends up hooking up with women originally fancied by Will. He spent a night in Simon's car with a Goth in the series one episode " Caravan Club ".

It is also revealed that he snogged and fingered Charlotte Hinchcliffe after Will was with her, although he informs Will only of the snog to protect his friend's feelings from further being hurt he tells the other two silently via hand gestures when Will turned his back.

He also manages to get a blowjob from Will's crying date Kerry at his 18th birthday party. Neil is also revealed to have sexual encounters with unseen female characters on the show, including much older colleague Karen at Asda. In the final episode of series 3, Neil wrongly assumes that he has impregnated her, but receives a text correcting him. He celebrates the fact that he has likely contracted an STI from her, wrongly believing it to be a good thing.

Neil's middle name is revealed to be Lindsay in a deleted scene from series 3, at his 18th birthday party. Neil has an extremely attractive older sister, whom the boys stare at when visiting Neil's; however, he usually does not get embarrassed or annoyed by the attention like Will does about his mother Polly, more likely because he is Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe and an easy-going person.

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His dad is often shown to be annoyed by Neil's thoughtlessness, and constantly says in an exasperated tone "Neil! Recurring jokes are that despite his lack of intelligence, Neil tends to be right about meaningless facts, and that he often gets with girls whom Will is pursuing. Neil often hooks up with much older, unattractive women — he is shown to be surprised when he thinks Karen is pregnant, because she told him that she could not Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe any more children.

In the extended edition of 'The Inbetweeners Movie', a bonus scene reveals that he pursues older women because of his lust after Polly and he thinks that they look like her, despite the fact that they do not. In the movie, he has a girlfriend of a similar age named Nicole, whom he swears he couldn't cheat on whilst on holiday because he thinks he loves her and he has "effics" ethics ; however, his definition of cheating changes conveniently with his sexual activity, such as "it's not cheating if there's no kissing, or not if only "the tip goes in"; any more than that is cheating".

When he finally gets together with Lisa and she expresses her unhappiness with the situation because she too has "effics", he tells her Nicole dumped him before they left for Malia so it isn't cheating at all.

This is implied to have been a lie when in the credits, Nicole shows up Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe greet him at the airport and he runs away with Lisa to avoid her, leaving Nicole confused. Mr Gilbert is the head of sixth form. He is sardonicsadisticmisanthropicdrydepressed and possesses no enthusiasm for his occupation, once telling Will that "the only reason people go into teaching is because they are unambitious, unlucky and the relaxed rules on police background checks".

When he is not being outright sadistic, he shows no regard for the students and their welfare.

On the occasions he does stop wrongdoing, he tends to defuse the situation without resolving the issues Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe caused it. He strongly dislikes the boys, particularly Will, who sometimes tries to endear himself to Gilbert and gets rebuffed. He takes delight at any misfortune to befall Will — even going so far as to threaten him if he snitched on whoever tied him up and put a bin over his head.

He also blackmails Will into discovering who destroyed a local roundabout's flower arrangement by threatening to sabotage his university application, as he believes Will sticks his "beaky nose" into everybody's business and must know who did it. In the third series, he tells Will that he is single despite allegedly dating Miss Timms in the episode 'Exam Time' and that Will's mother Polly is "very much his type". In the same series, he gives Jay and Neil four weeks' detention after they mention Waterside, the shopping centre they spotted him buying soft toys in.

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In the first movie, Gilbert gives an end-of-year speech, in which he expresses utter contempt for the entire year group, claiming he is "at Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe ambivalent" towards most of the students, but that he "actively dislikes" others for their "poor personal hygiene" looking at Big John and "irritating personalities" whilst looking at Will. He ends the hate-filled speech by asking that they not murder anyone, as it "reflects badly" on the school. In the final scene of the first movie Gilbert is seen riding shirtless on a quad bike in Malia.

In the second movie it is revealed that Gilbert is in a relationship with Polly. They announce their engagement at the end of the movie, to the terror of Will, as he realises Gilbert will soon become his stepfather. Carli is Simon's love interest and has been since they were eight years old. She is popular and attractive, with an older rugby-player boyfriend named Tom, making her even more unattainable.

Although she is well aware of his crush on her, she only seems to think of Simon as a platonic friend — it is implied that she strings him along to gain his favour. Simon is oblivious to Carli's shallow, manipulative and selfish personality, although his friends are not easily as fooled. On several occasions, Will and Jay have openly expressed contempt for her, with Will pointing out that she merely strings him along, and Jay calling her "stuck-up. In " Exam Time ", she asks if she can revise for her exams at his house, and when there, mentions that she has broken up with her boyfriend; when she notices Simon trying to impress her, she uses Skinny teen in glasses from lovely chloe opportunity to get him to help tutor her for a subject that he is not even studying himself.

He ends up spending the entire revision period studying for her Geography exam, so he can continue to tutor her, instead of his own exams.

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When he later thinks they have a chance at dating, she promptly tells him she is back with Tom. In episode one of series three, a wedge is driven between Carli and Simon after he accidentally revealed one of his testicles in the fashion show, believing he did it on purpose to make a fool out of her. However, in the series finale, Carli seems to be more affectionate towards Simon, hinting at a potential relationship, were Simon not moving to Swansea.

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