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Art of the orgasm

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It's a warning to anyone hoping for a taste of the series' titillating scenarios that they are approaching the book in the wrong spirit. It is about love. If you were feeling like sex when you opened this sex manual, Kim and Mark will soon help you with your problem.

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The book positively oozes New Man who is really a woman, of course. It has some suggestions for love-talk.

Perhaps that is why I...

We should say, "I'd like to forget about my penis for a while and concentrate on you. If it's all right with you, could we just take our time and let me feel you more and really get lost in your pleasure?

Note that "good for me". If a chap wants to step up the action, he should say: In my experience, sex is about "caring" only on Neighbours, where it is the accepted code for what goes on in those non-existent bedrooms. In real life, nobody Art of the orgasm to think that the person is doing it to us to be kind. Satisfaction is a kind of Joy of Sex for the 21st century, an emasculated, PC version of Alex Comfort's alphabetical feast.

Oh!-minus 15 minutes

Unlike Comfort's handy paperback, Satisfaction is a large, screen-shaped coffee-table book with very few words per page. The margins are about five inches wide.

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Joe Orton would have loved it. It's an article that might have appeared in GQ or Arena, though not in Loaded. What bulks out the book are the pictures: Taking its lead from Joy rather than Terence Hendrickson's earlier Variations on a Sexual Theme, which used photographs, the publishers have gone for smudgy charcoal drawings, with red symbols representing the various sexual parts superimposed on them.

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The "Glossary of Symbols" makes a nice page. The G-spot is a short arc.

The anus is Art of the orgasm child's sun. In keeping with the clean-shaven feeling of the text and the erathe authors have eschewed the beard worn by the man in Joy, even though it was a handy indicator in some of the more advanced positions. This is what it can be like for women to make love with you when you need a shave. I'll take Mark's word for it.

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In Joy, there is a short chapter on "Anal Intercourse", the gist of which is "Go in slowly, never more than glans deep, take your friction on the pull rather than the push" Art of the orgasm a piece of practical advice that must have travelled far.

In Satisfaction, there is a brief note on "Anal Stimulation", which suggests that this is the duty of the little finger only.

The Art of an Orgasm....

Here's what you do, according to Mark and Kim: Simultaneously insert the first and second fingers in her vagina and the fifth into her anus. The instructions come straight out of a Art of the orgasm manual. I'm not sure I Art of the orgasm be able to remember which finger to fold down for these card-palming tricks, although I suppose you could always have the book with you under the covers and perform with the aid of a torch.

That must be what caring young people do nowadays, for a better understanding of each other's needs. In between each chapter in the book appear personal messages from Kim and Mark, printed in inverted commas for some reason.

It's up to the man to paint the picture. What I'd like to ask Mark is this: However, a couple of discreet enquires revealed that faked orgasm still has a part to play, if only to bring on the real one. Such a thought plays no part in the deadpan philosophy of Satisfaction, because it implies the existence of ambiguity and negativity in our emotional make-up.

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To a man like Mark, who likes to be told that he is an artist in the sack, a burst of orgasmic laughter would be highly confusing. Too much openness on the subject of orgasm can be counter-productive, viz the New Yorker cartoon: There Art of the orgasm three reasons why a man might want to fake it: But we just aren't good enough liars to carry it off.

Personally, I get nervous even when I'm telling the truth.

The art of the female...

I wouldn't dream of trusting myself to make the right noises or obscenities called "birdsong" by Alex Comfort even if I wanted to.

There must be a book, called Lying in Bed, about all the little borderline untruths involved in the theatre of lovemaking whose existence Satisfaction doesn't acknowledge. In this blurb-like tombstone, something different is going on: Could a man really be sincere when he says, as advocated here, "I'd like to please you more but I may not be good Art of the orgasm it, so I may need your help to find the best way of giving you more pleasure", or "Well, I have this book and I'm really excited about doing some of Art of the orgasm things with you.

I think this will help me be a better lover with you"?

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Find The Art of Orgasm at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson illustrations by Fritz Drury pp, Thorsons, £ Kim Cattrall.

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Perhaps that is why I love the book "Slow Sex: The Art of Craft of Female Orgasm" so much. Inside it's pages, author Nicole Daedone asks women (and men) to.

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