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Mr and mrs smith sexy

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I watched one of my favorite movies, Mr.

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The first half of the scene is filled with sensual romance in the air. Typical love, romance film?

I noticed multiple gender stereotypes in this movie. Jane who is the very attractive Angelina Jolie, is always wearing very sexy, body fitting outfits. This is typically when John and Jane are around their neighbors.

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An earlier scene has John killing a few guys at a card game before he comes home from dinner. She went from sweet, conservative house wife to a leather wearing, hair down, skin-tight tomb raider look.

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Not to mention there is a tango scene wear she clearly portrays the sad, emotional, distressed female; while wearing a sexy low-cut, high slit black dress. His sex appeal is based of his masculine yet funny character. Lastly, the most memorable part of the movie is the fight scene.

What I like about this scene is that Jane breaks the stereotype threat. Her character breaks the stereotype by showing the audience this woman can take a punch and give one.

Jane is now back in her woman role of being sexual and less clothed than John.

Those actors in general seem to play similar characters like that in their other films, so it must be working for them. This most obvious and known question is: Do woman usual sell their sex appeal more?

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Does this movie break any stereotypes for women? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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