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I am feeling very alone

New xXx Pics I am feeling very alone.
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I am laying in bed, next to my husband. He is hugging me from the back, breathing to my neck. I could hear his breath slowing down and steady.

I stare blankly to the dark and I feel empty. I have almost everything people talk about when it comes to happiness. A good husband, a great job that I enjoy and pays me well. But here I am, feeling all confused, blank and painful. I feel numb, suffocate and lifeless.

So if you know anyone...

For all the reasons I could think of, I should be grateful for the life I have and be happy about it. Yes, I am grateful. But I am not happy. I feel guilty for not being happy. I cannot talk to anyone.

No one can understand. Everything is so quiet. I feel so lonely. I feel like I am the only person in the world have this feeling. This feeling overwhelms me, eats me alive and I find myself lost in it, piece by piece. I try to build a thick wall around me to protect myself and my lonesomeness. Behind the wall, I have the whole world of my own. Except there is nothing in that world. I know it is not healthy for me to stay in my world forever.

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I know it is time for me to break the wall. Life is so hard out there. It breaks my heart to conceal my true self. My loneliness gradually kills me from inside.

Here are 9 magic loneliness-busting things that I do whenever I feel lonely.

How normal is it to...

It is not my fault that I feel lonely. Literally, I stand up in front of the mirror, smile and say:. Life happens so fast these days and I try to keep up.

Sometimes I numb my emotions to get me through the day. My heart is tired of it. I shut my heart down all the time she wants to tell me something. She tries to get my attention but I ignore her. Now I know better. I know now it is her time.

Have you ever felt so...

I have to give it to her, listen to my heart and hear what she has to tell me. This is the perfect time for me to finally slow down and make a connection to my own spirituality.

It is crazy how music can help me.

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I am feeling very alone amazing melody has the power to run through me, pick up my broken pieces and heal me. Whenever I sing along and dance to the music, I truly feel I am literally blending into the melody and go with the flow. The good thing about music is when it hits us, it takes our pain away. Let it go and blow off all of our worries, anxieties, and loneliness. An appreciation journal is my own diary, where I only record things that I appreciate in my life. It is hard to feel sad and lonely when I realize I have so much to thank for.

Being thankful eases our pains, soothes our souls I am feeling very alone calms our hearts. Get yourself a notebook, sit down and start to write. Instead of whining about my loneliness, I decided to get out there and start helping people.

Because loneliness is so common,...

Doing good deeds does not only make you feel good, it also gives you a sense of belonging. When your social-connectedness increases, your self-esteem does as well. It is also the easy and natural way to reach out to like-minded people and I am feeling very alone your bond.

Sometimes I feel lonely because I am literally being alone. So I take this opportunity to meditate. We are wired to be ourselves and be happy. We have a shining sun inside us. But our thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets are blocking that sun. We cannot feel the warmth and the light our suns give us.

It is time to break free. Meditation gives us a clear look at ourselves, accepting who we are and live in the moment. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphin, which can improve our moods and interact with our brains where they reduce pain and anxiety.

It also triggers positive feelings on our bodies, putting us in our happy zones. Whenever I feel lonely, I do some physical exercises. It could be a walk, running or riding. I just need to make sure I I am feeling very alone out there and make myself sweat. A pet can heal our pain, keep us company when we feel lonely. Their I am feeling very alone can brain-wash us from all of our troubles. They are always there for us.

They trust us and they are our loyal silent friends, who we can trust and share everything with. So if you want to fight loneliness for good, get a pet.

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I work on my creativity project. Being alone helps me to focus on my creativity and shift my mind away from feeling lonely and miserable. It is hard to feel lonely when I am trying to make some paper flowers. Maybe it I am feeling very alone time for you to build a wooden toy house you always wanted, or draw your first painting, or paint the wall.

Just something simple will do the trick. As crazy as it sounds, I learn how to treat my loneliness like a friend who decided to drop by my house to check on me.

I stop resisting how I feel. I decided to listen to my heart, recognize my feeling, embrace it and accept it. Together with my loneliness. She is my company. I have to treat her nicely because she cares for me. Making peace with our feelings is self-compassion.

I am feeling very alone

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