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Body language when a man is attracted to you

Nude gallery Body language when a man is attracted to you.

Sometimes a guy will tell you straight out what they are thinking, but often you need to do a little observation of his subtle body language signals to know how he feels about you. Unconscious body language may even tell you more about how he is feeling than what he says. His gestures, posture, facial expressions, and even the width of his pupils can tell you so many things about how he feels.

This can make figuring out what he thinks so much easier. His pupils are dilating. When his pupils dilate this is a sure sign that he is attracted to you.

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If you want to encourage his attraction, know that mutual eye contact can fan the flames of love. He has raised eyebrows.

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When people open their eyes wider, thus causing the eyebrows to lift, it means that they are at least curious about you. Adults smile times fewer than small children throughout the day.

If he smiles at you, and actually shows his front teeth in a grin, he likes you. He has a full-face smile. A true smile involves the whole faceand not just the edges of the mouth. If his eyes wrinkle when he smiles at you its genuine.

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