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Overcome pantyhose addiction

Sex photo Overcome pantyhose addiction.

I have been seeing this Overcome pantyhose addiction for about seven months, and somewhat recently he let me know that he has a pretty extreme pantyhose fetish. I have done my best to assure him that I don't think he's weird, that I support him and want to do my part to fulfill his fantasies.

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I do this by purchasing different types of pantyhose or leggings, he loves those too and surprising him at least once a week with a sexy outfit when he comes home from work. He does not ask me for any more than this, because aside from feeling a Overcome pantyhose addiction bad about it, he also worries that if he indulges too often, he will not be satisfied without it.

He finds me attractive enough without them and our sex Overcome pantyhose addiction has not suffered too much, in fact it's a bit spicier because I love to dress up. So what's the problem? I'm a jealous person, and also have self-esteem issues.

I often don't feel very attractive, and he is not the kind of person who tells me so all the time; compliments are difficult for him.

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To give a little background, I usually date guys who love T and A, because I'm pretty busty and curvy. The guys I usually date find me to be their Overcome pantyhose addiction girl and therefore when I catch them looking at other girls or porn, it's usually someone who looks like me and I feel satisfied that at least they are not looking at something they don't already have.

I mean, if your favorite food is pizza and you're getting it every night, then you aren't going to look longingly at every other person walking down the street with a slice of pizza. But this fetish is another story. I feel like I have to wear something Overcome pantyhose addiction to get the level of attraction from him that I'm used to getting normally.

He looks at fetish porn up to 3x a week, and every morning I wake up knowing he's at the computer and wondering if he's Overcome pantyhose addiction at pictures of girls in pantyhose and getting off.

And whenever we go out, if a girl walks by in pantyhose or leggings, I hold my breath and Overcome pantyhose addiction want to cry when he stares at her. And if I'm wearing leggings at the time, he still looks at other girls and it hurts me that I can't keep his attention even when I'm trying on purpose to please him. I really don't know what to do. He assures me that he cares deeply for me and that he admittedly has a kneejerk reaction to girls who are wearing his fetish, but would not jeopardize things with me.

I do believe him, and I feel in some ways that I should just get over this, but I am not sure Overcome pantyhose addiction can. And it's difficult because I have other guys who would love to date me, guys who think I'm perfect by myself alone, and it seems like a waste for me to be hanging out with someone who doesn't make me feel that way.

On the other hand Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Can anyone give me some advice? It wasn't quite as bad in the summer, but now that fall is upon us, girls are going to be everywhere wearing leggings and hose. It isn't even so much his looking at it I don't want this to run my life, but it's all Overcome pantyhose addiction can think about when I'm with him.

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Last edited by SilverLining; 3rd September at Originally Posted by SilverLining. Get used to it, he's Overcome pantyhose addiction going to change for you. You want a man that keeps his eyes on the prize, and he's never going to be one of those.

Look at the men you choose. This one has a fetish that makes him sexually charged whenever the trigger appears.

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The other men--in your own words--are just interested in sex. Perhaps you are making the wrong choices in men?

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Time to rethink what you want in a LTR and how you market yourself. What else do you have to offer?

At the age of about...

What else do they have to offer? I don't expect anyone to change for me Ever since I was in Overcome pantyhose addiction school - Overcome pantyhose addiction almost 30 now - I've been looked at and treated as a sexual object. I come from an emotionally and physically abusive household, so I didn't actually realize I was a good person with worth until my early 20s.

These negative thoughts and feelings are difficult to shake off when you've been brought up with them, and it's a constant struggle. Most of the compliments I have received were sexually oriented, and it's made me feel as though I have nothing else to offer.

The man that I am with, as sexually charged as he gets when he comes upon someone that is wearing his fetish, treats me as though I am much, much more than sex. He truly does value me for my other assets.

I have been seeing this...

I don't think that he is doing anything wrong. It is not his fault if he has a knee-jerk reaction to something.

I have been seeing this...

It is Overcome pantyhose addiction fault that I am so fixated on what should be a 2 second interaction that has come and gone in his mind, but stays in mine Overcome pantyhose addiction hours. I want to find a way to see this for what it really is I am trying to work on myself, to undo the damage that was done to me. I wonder if there are any women or men out there who are currently dealing with or know someone who is dealing with a pantyhose or leggings fetish and if this has come up at all.

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Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Can't stand the way they flirt? Discuss your experiences here. Pantyhose fetish and jealousy I have been seeing this guy for about seven months, and somewhat recently he let me know that he has a pretty extreme pantyhose fetish.

Originally Posted by SilverLining I have been seeing this guy for about seven months, and somewhat recently he let me know that he has a pretty extreme pantyhose fetish.

Originally Posted by SilverLining I don't expect anyone to change for me Lingerie and pantyhose-I like, she doesn't, Overcome pantyhose addiction fight.

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What is your fetish? For women, it's out of what they like. Whether its the patterns, or the style or the fact that they have great legs and want to show them off.


Other reason is for work. A pantyhose fetish is quite common and widespread. By no means are you alone in this.

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As you can see in the internet and here on Yahoo. Citation: Taktak Ş, Karakuş M, Eke SM () The Man Whose Fetish Object is as in underwear fetish objects (pantyhose, baby diapers, bra, silk stockings, silk. It is understood that in our case, he discovered the fetish object to deal with.

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