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How to wax a bikini line

Pron Videos How to wax a bikini line.

There are a few reasons bathing-suit season makes me worry. My first concern is always my super-pale skin and threat of sunburnbut my second and more serious concern is dealing with body hair.

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During the winter, lots of women like to grow out the hair on their bodies — from leg hair to pubic hair, we give up on shaving since nobody is going to see it anyway! I always hate shaving my bikini line because I end up with painful red bumps afterward.

Professional waxing seemed a little outside of my price range, though, so I bought some wax online and learned how to do a bikini wax at home. There are a lot of horror stories when it comes to waxing at home.

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There are a variety of styles you should know about when it comes to bikini waxing: Because I was doing a bikini wax at home, I decided to just do a full bikini wax. Inside the box, instructions told me to heat up the wax for a minute.

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Once the wax was hot, I stirred it with the spatula. Next, I put the pre-epilation oil onto my skin, then applied the wax. When the wax was mostly dry, I peeled up the edge and tore it off my skin. Since I was a little nervous about waxing my bikini line, I decided to start with an area that has fewer nerve endings: Once I had success with that area, I moved on to my armpits.

Avoid the lumps and bumps...

I rubbed the pre-waxing oil all over my armpits, then spread some of the warm wax onto my armpit hair. It had to go in the same direction as the hair grows, so I did half of my armpit at a time since armpit hair grows in different directions. After those two tries, I still had a lot of hair left in my armpit.

My Experience: Bikini Line

I applied the oil and wax, pulled How to wax a bikini line skin taught this step is important for the bikini line, but not necessary for armpits because the skin is already tightand tore off the wax. Needless to say, it was very satisfying.

At one point, I got some wax stuck to my fingers, and it made me realize what a difference the pre-epilation oil made — it made it so that the wax stuck to the hair, and not to my skin.

How to Wax Your Bikini...

On my bikini line, the wax worked incredibly well — I was actually surprised how easy it was to use. Would I recommend this to a friend? I think so, yes.