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Hotel erotica cabo 2018

Naked Gallery Hotel erotica cabo 2018.

The episodes of this anthology series center around Corrine and Amanda, two young women who are the managers at a beautiful resort named Hotel Cabo located in Cabo San LucasMexico.

Hotel Erotica Cabo is a...

Hotel guests have romantic experiences and fantasies with lovers, strangers, and sometimes with Corrine or Amanda. Dean was eliminated during that episode. Hotel Erotica is a softcore porn anthology television show that is broadcast on the Cinemax cable television channel during its Skinemax late-night block.

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It is also broadcast in the after hours timeslot on The Movie Network. The episode would then be a flashback of the guest coming to the hotel and falling in love with someone.

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The hotel proprietor was initially Chloe Wilson played by Lauren Hays in the first season. In the second season it was Jenny played by Tina Wiseman.