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Hookup a guy without a car

All porn pics Hookup a guy without a car.

Results 1 to 28 of Asking a girl out without a car? I want to ask this girl out, but not really sure how to do it. If I had a car I would ask "Wanna go see a movie with me?

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But I can't drive. So how do you ask a girl out if you can't drive a car and take her places? See if she has access to a car 2. Meet her there 3.

Double with a friend who has a car. By "access", do you mean if she drives? She definitely does not, and it would be lame if we had to get a parent to drive us.

Care to explain why movie is not a good first date?

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Originally Posted by acrosstown. You don't need a car to ask somebody out.

Ask her to meet you there, or meet her at school if that's possible. Use public transport to get there and back. Excuse me, your seatbelt seems to be broken. What do you recommend I do? Where there is a will, there's a way.

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Not a hard choice That being said, you're young. It would be better to find a common interest with the girl and invite her over to your place or go over to her place.

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You probably both have nothing but time on your hands, so you can get away with a longer "date" that older peeps don't have the time or the patience to pull off. But if you really like her, you should be able to figure something out. Ingenuity is attractive, so don't just mope about not having a car.

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Get a license and use your parents' car for "dates". That's why bikes have handlebars: P But seriously, have any friends that have a car? Could be a good double date. Originally Posted by captainhorseboy.

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But I live downtown and use it to my advantage. And I double the idea that a movie sucks for a first date. Why sit in silence when you can talk and get to know eachother?

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If you both like movies, a first date movie is fine. I've been on a few dates to stand up comics. You get to know someone pretty well by what they find funny. If you find yourself busting a gut and she's just smiling, you're not gonna get along in the end. Originally Posted by Ellimist. Because you can't talk and get Hookup a guy without a car know each other. It's really awkward when you just meet someone for the first time and have to sit in silence for 2 hours.

Do you have your license? If so, find a car to borrow. If you don't have your license If it's nice weather, BBQ for her, or cook for her inside and sit on the patio outdoors.

Not just heat up food, but actually plan and create an entire meal - esp.