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Spank the frank cheat

Porn clips Spank the frank cheat.

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How do you get a spanking? You usually get spanked when you misbehave i only get spanked at school like when i get a detention or something my friend Alejo smacks my butt but he only smacks it 1 time bu … t it still hurts like heck!

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How did you get spanked? Once my mother confronted me about doing something wrong and told me i was going to get a spanking she'd grab me by the back of my shirt with one hand and the waist band of my … pants with the other hand and would walk me up to my bedroom.

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Once there she'd sit on the edge Spank the frank cheat the bed then ordered me to remove my pants and underwear and leave them on the floor. I would always turn around and face the other direction when doing this and cover my privates with my hands.

Then i would position myself across her lap with my head to her left and kind of behind her. My upper body would be laying on the bed with my waist over her left leg and she would then take her right leg and wrap it around Spank the frank cheat back of my legs to lock me into position so i couldn't kick or get up.

My feet were still on the floor.

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She would spank until her hand was too sore to continue, which could last up to minutes long and maybe over a hundred plus slaps across my buttocks. She is a very strong person!

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Then when it was over she'd let me up and she would leave me alone to get dressed and compose myself before returning a few minutes later to talk things out. That was called a cooling off period for both of us.

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