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On Sunday's episode of Botchedwe met Janice dickinson boob "world's first supermodel" Janice Dickinsona man whose previous nose jobs were causing him severe health issues, and an Asian woman who was unhappy with previous eye surgeries she had to look more westernized.

Janice opens up by saying "I am no stranger to plastic surgery" and continues on, "I've had a face lift, a brow lift, tummy tuck and fillers. She meets with Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr.

Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to discuss how they can fix the ripples and ridges in her shockingly year-old implants. Dubrow can't believe his ears when he hears that she has year-old implants still inside of her Before going in to the exam room, Dr.

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Dubrow and Janice poke some fun at Dr. Nassif and tease him about setting him up on a date with a model.

Dubrow jokes, "I do think Paul could date a model but if she could see hear smell or has any kind of reasonable personality, I doubt Janice dickinson boob. We then meet Cheryl, an Asian American woman who is unhappy with her previous surgeries that were supposed to make her look more Caucasian.

However, she feels that her appearance hasn't changed enough.

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She recalls first coming to America and how she "was intrigued by the fact that, uh, everyone seemed so… rich!

Paul is introduced and begins to talk about his previous nose job that caused much more harm than good. We meet his wife and daughter and he talks about how his nose issues are starting to have a negative impact on his parenting.

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He explains, "Most of the time, I'm only breathing through one side at a time. Dubrow examine his nose and are shocked with what they see. His septum is in his left nostril! Dubrow admits, "Paul is a really handsome guy, Janice dickinson boob problem is his nose is on the other side of his face. Then it's Cheryl's turn to meet with the dynamic duo of doctors!

She talks about how her attempt to look Caucasian was a failure and she cries, "Make me Chinese again! The doctors ask Cheryl if she has had any additional work done in her cheeks such as fillers. To which Cheryl begrudgingly replies, "I bought some black market fillers from China, they were really cheap. After stepping in to the exam room, Cheryl begins to be examined and the doctors are fascinated with her previous work. Dubrow tries to explain to her, "It would take very little to make it so that you could never close your eyes again.

Cheryl leaves disappointed Janice dickinson boob then it's time for Janice to go into the operating room. Her nerves begin to the get the best of her. Dubrow begins the intense surgery and explains, "Once I got inside, I could feel those Janice dickinson boob better.

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And they were quite large and they needed to come out. They start by taking a piece of his rib to build the middle part of his new nose.

This helps the nose look straighter and makes his airway better. After his operation, his wife is by his side and they happily discuss their new baby boy who will be born soon.

Paul's spirits are high and Janice dickinson boob is thankful to be finished. Then the real drama begins. Janice comes in for a checkup once she is released from her recovery unit and she is visibly impaired and her words are slurring.

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He learns that she removed her drains from the sides of her breasts and also has been touching the open wounds and stitches.

He exclaims, "This is so dangerous, Janice. He tells the camera, "In my twenty-five years of being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Janice is by far the most difficult patient I've ever had.

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She is her breast's worst enemy. Janice once again asks Dr. Dubrow for more pain medication but he explains to her that most patients are simply on aspirin at this point.

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But Janice gets angry and tells him, "I don't give a s--t about most people, that's nice for them. Janice returns to Dr.

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