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Julia volkova all about us

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The duo was managed by Russian television producer Ivan Shapovalov while in the group Neposedy. The duo was signed to their own production company, T. The duo Julia volkova all about us their world success with their debut English-language single " All the Things She Said ", which gained acclaim from music journalists and critics.

The video of the single, however, generated controversy worldwide, showing the girls kissing in the rain in school uniforms.

Along with the number-one single, the following songs " Not Gonna Get Us " and " All About Us " gained success and also charted at number one on other contemporary music charts. The duo has released six studio albums; three in Russian and three in English. Due to their success, the duo was recognized as one of the most successful female music acts to emerge in the early decade and have established themselves as the most successful Russian act to date.

In Marchthe duo officially announced their separation, due to personal Julia volkova all about us and conflicts between themselves and embarked on solo careers. They reunited in late December for a concert and announced a comeback after their performance in the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi However, due to personal issues between Katina and Volkova, Julia volkova all about us duo announced that their project would only consist of their newest single and music video, "Lyubov' V Kazhdom Mgnovenii" "Love In Every Moment" to promote a Russian short film which premiered at the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

Before production of t. Katina was also in a band named "Avenue" between and With this idea in mind, Shapovalov and Voitinskiy organized auditions in Moscow in early for teenage female vocalists.

By the end of auditioning, the partners narrowed their search down to ten girls, including the members that finally become t. Both Lena and Julia knew each other before the auditions.

Thus, in lateyear-old Julia Volkova was added to the group to complete the duo. She also started recording not long after Lena's "Yugoslavia" demo was finished. According to Katina, Shapovalov was inspired to create the duo after the release of the Swedish film Show Me Love which focused on the romance between two school girls.

Over the next year, Katina and Volkova recorded songs with their producers. Voitinskij left the project, and Shapovalov decided to sign Elena Kiper as co-producer and co-writer for their debut album. Trevor Horn went on to write t.

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While working with Shapovalov, the group was "controlled" by him and it was reported that he was "strict" while in the process of the album. It was not physically and formally released until December The song describes the turmoil in a girl's soul because she is in love with another girl, but is afraid, as society frowns upon this.

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She asks her parents for forgiveness. Elena Kiper has been credited with the song, explaining that the idea came to her when she fell asleep at her dentist's office and had a dream in which she kissed another woman.

Their first album, Po Vstrechnoy was released on 21 May The studio album proved to be a huge success in Europe, selling over 2. The group went on tour inwhere their routines were described as "precise" and featured routines where the girls had to strip.

The album peaked inside the top twenty in the majority of European and Western countries, and to date has sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

t.A.T.u. singer Yulia Volkova gave...

The music video caused controversy worldwide, due to the members, who were both 14 at the time of the video's production, kissing behind a fence. Some believed the video promoted lesbianism and pedophilia. Many musical journalists, publications and music critics had branded the group's music Julia volkova all about us "paedophilic pop.

However, both of their proposed concerts in the UK were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The "Fuck the War! They still wrote the term on Jimmy Kimmel's hand. Though not as popular as their debut single, it managed to have success in most record charts.

Also in MayShapovalovo was arrested after arranging filming for the group's music video " Show Me Love " in Moscow's Red Square despite his application for filming being refused. The footage that was recorded was later used for a music video for the song "Show Me Love", [17] despite the song not being released in any country other than Poland.

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The group then released their third single " 30 Minutes ". It was released as an official single in the UK. The fourth single off the album " How Soon Is Now? In Mayt.

The group's record label, Universal Music Russia, were originally against the group's participation saying that the Eurovision contest was for "young artists" and said "artists of Tatu's level will not get much out of the participation in it, We [Universal] would much rather prefer the group to Julia volkova all about us on their new album, and not to participate in contests for rising stars [ The same month, the group postponed their German promo tour due to a late invitation to the MTV Movie Awardswhere they performed.

On 26 Septemberthe group released a remix compilation, titled Remixes. In Novemberthe CD was released in Russia, with two new tracks and videos.

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The DVD compilation Screaming for More was released on 24 Novemberfeaturing music videos and behind-the-scenes. The documentary revealed that the girls were not lesbians, [25] and chronicled the group as they took part in Eurovision earlier in the year.

In earlyt. In the months before the split, t.

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The show followed the group as they were recording their second album, to little success, with their producer Ivan Shapovalov. The documentary aired on Russian television from January to March There were many rumors around the split Julia volkova all about us the show aired, which depicted the group leaving due to a lack of interest and care from their producer.

They also claimed the quality of the music being produced was too low, and that Shapovalov was only interested in creating scandals. Volkova stated, "He [Ivan] spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. I'm sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals. We wanted people to understand them and not judge them. That they are as free as anyone else.

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However, she became pregnant soon thereafter, and recording was delayed. Volkova soon joined Katina and previous producer Sergio Galoyan in the studio.

t.A.T.u. singer Yulia Volkova gave...

The group was backed by their record label, Universal Music Internationalin finding adequate songs and production to release a new album. The group released their second English album on 5 October titled Dangerous and Moving. The album did not match its previous English album in terms of success, but still managed to sell over 2.

The second single was " Friend or Foe ". Soon after the video was released, the group's management replaced drummer Roman Ratej with Steve "Boomstick" Wilson, and appointed a new bassist, Domen Vajevec. On 25 Marcht. On 17 Aprilt. Expeditionwhich was broadcast on the Russian music channel Muz TV. It chronicled the Julia volkova all about us of their second album, and the recording of the video for their third single, " Gomenasai ", which was released during the airing of the show.

The video, as well as the actual song, is quite a departure from t. On 21 Novemberthe region of the Komi Republic in Russia filed a lawsuit against t. Leonid Vakuev, a human rights representative for the Komi Republic, interpreted the song as being directed towards disabled people and cited words written in the booklet for the album, which said: They are fakes inside the human form. Katina said, "Of course, we meant moral invalids, people who do not have [a] soul and human feelings. InRussian politician Aleksey Mitrofanov proposed t.

On 17 Mayt. This is not true! It was the group's first release since leaving Universal. The EP was released on 8 May and featured multimedia content including music, video, ringtones and wallpapers. The EP featured a poster which advertised that date, as well as a coupon redeemable for a discount on the album that expired on 30 June However, the release schedule abruptly stalled on 5 Junewhen t.

The duo returned to Julia volkova all about us in late August, when it was reported that t.