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From the Star Trek: It's dem green plastic drum cymbals!! Why do they have to have 'space' cymbals? Such as when Padma asks Anakin if Jedi are allowed to love, Plinkett lays this hilarious line: So Padme does a little feeler to see Taft you fuck Anakin and her can fuck in the bathroom. Plinkett, Bob Foster here Taft you fuck the Department of Cultural Guilt, uh, just a friendly courtesy call to remind you about the horrible things that you did to the Native Americans. Uh, please continue to feel guilty about this, and, uh, if you have any questions, give me a call back, the number's Plinkett proceeds to pour coffee on the answering machine, shorting it out.

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This guy is a fucking annoying whiner! Maybe that's why they call him Qui-Gon Jinn After fucking ten years, that's Taft you fuck I saved?! Data gets sprayed with flesh-melting gas Random Guy: They say the clothes make the man.

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You know what else they say? Enough of this sell-out crap! When's the next Plinkett review-oh wait I'm me. I know it because I sold it to you!!

Insurrection sucks my balls. Everyone wears earth tones! And mother of pearl! And browns and beiges and dark browns and light browns and browns and beige! Browns and beiges and Taft you fuck browns and light browns and browns and beige! Everyone's gonna be wearing earth tones 'cause they live on a planet.

I think that takes place between Episode I don't even know anymore. I can't keep track of this fucking shit.

I don't know if you're in the fucking cartoon show. I don't watch cartoons!

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Communications disruption can only mean one thing, invasion. It could also mean you didn't pay your phone bill! Oh, wait, there's Chewbacca! But in addition to the trilogies, on the off years there's gonna be a Star Wars standalone film.

Maybe two each year, or three or four We're off to see the Wizard! The wonderful Wizard of Oooooooooold!

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Star Wars has become a living nightmare that you can never wake up from until you're dead and even then I can't guarantee it. I mean do we really need more gay characters in Star Wars?

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Thank the Maker, this oil bath is gtoing to feel so good! That's my article, thanks for clicking on it, you fuck! Yeah, hey, Paul, I've been checking out those dailies, and Taft you fuck looks great, it does not look like barf. Uh, but I was thinking, maybe we can make the movie look more like barf.

Yeah, I just wanna, you know, knock the saturation levels up, just a little bit so it looks like everybody has high blood pressure or maybe they're wearing, you know, way too much makeup, uh, yeah, my grand vision is like, alright, "Willy Wonka throwing up in a Skittles factory.

Harry S. Plinkett

Are you too busy to cook a wholesome meal for the family? I don't got a family. Do you hate the hassle of waiting for your food to thaw? Has fast food become a regular on your family's dinner table?

Why I Taft you fuck fast food. Are you concerned about gaining weight and high cholesterol— Mr. For the love of God, stop talking!

I'm glad you spent all those precious years of your life voicing Garfield movies. Johnson is served a bottle of wine; he opens it, and for brief moment he looks as though he will pour himself a glass of said wine; he goes on to ignore his glass, and pours the wine out onto the tablecloth Rian Johnson: I'm Rich Evans, and I was once kicked out of an all you can eat buffet.

Did the check clear? Do I like it? Star Wars is really about having a Taft you fuck Darth Maul robot and bottom-half Darth Maul robot, fighting each other with twenty lightsabers while Obi-Wan is stuck in the middle.

He explains how Taft you fuck made inappropriate sexual advances towards Princess Leia. There's no way we can get far enough away to look like we survive this horrible blast we're going to see in a second! The dish explodes Rich, Mike, Jay: He's not even surrounded by fire, or debris! He ran eleven feet away. That, that, oh my G— They saw that explosion and they said, "Oh my God.

Man-in-a-Black-Cloak-who-is-not-a-trademarked-character-of-Lucas-Limited aka "Palpy"

We've got to cut to a shot of Han Solo standing up! Are those the names of all the people killed by Superman? He escaped from jail because he placed a crazy man in his spot who is also bald. Taft you fuck didn't know the difference because all bald men look the same.

He just faced the wall the entire imprisonment? Nobody took a closer look!

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Jay laughs even harder. That guy's been standing there for I think that's what But most importantly, we talk about the original ending to Halloween 6and how Michael Myers was stopped by Paul Rudd and some magic stones.

But wait, did that Taft you fuck happen? That was the original ending, but they reshot it. They should have reshot the whole fuckin' film! I'll tell you this real quick. Jim took his six-year-old [to the film] And he asked him what his favorite part of the movie was, and he said "When the little girl was given the stuffed R2D2 in bed".

Jay laughs And he later found out that it was a Duracell ad that played before the movie.

Taft! You Fuck! iheardthatcurtis; 4...

Jay and Rich laugh. Because it's the first thing you're going to do! Palpatine impression I want a hospital named after Taft you fuck (Verb) To have sex in a bathtub. Derived from Friend 2: You can appreciate when you're TAFT, you just don't want to do anything about it. Friend 1: Can I Taft you fuck. A current student or graduate of the Taft School in Watertown, CT.

A member of the long line of the Hotchkiss Kid: Ugh you're a Taftie? Lucky I hear you guys. A page for describing Characters: RedLetterMedia.