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Sex in the dark game

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It was designed and developed by a team of seven students of various nationalities. Subtitled "Can I touch your Wiimote? The game runs in full with a black screen, and the gameplay is based solely on sound information and haptics.

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A player needs to find a rhythm with his partner, and gradually accelerate to a target frequency, representing the orgasm. The game is playable with keyboard or the Wiimote, and supports up to four players.

The game received positive reviews from the press, that the judge was "very fun. He won several awards, including the IndieCade Dark Room Sex Game is a rhythm-oriented party game about sex, completely devoid of graphics as it runs on a fully black screen.

The game's menu consists entirely of sound: Three game modes are possible for one, two or four players.

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Six different voices are programmed into the game, but it is possible to define new ones. In each game, a voice is assigned randomly to each player.

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It is therefore possible to have a party with the votes of people of the same sex. The goal of the game is to find a rhythm with the other player, and accelerate gradually until reaching orgasm.

Players using the keyboard must press the keys on the numeric keypad, while those using a Wiimote must shake the controller following the rhythm. In the absence of graphics, players can only base their actions on the audio cues, in the form of lustful moans, and if necessary on the vibrations of the Wiimote.

The game is divided into three distinct phases of the game. First is the phase known as "warm-up" match preliminaries. The second and third phases are more intense.

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Each voice has for each phase of the game five "positive" sounds, used when the rhythm is good; and the "negative" ones for when the rate is too high. There are also three orgasm sounds for each one of the voices available.

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Dark Room Sex Game was developed during the edition of Nordic Game Jaman open competition where participants develop and produce a video game in the space of 48 hours. This edition's theme around which games were meant to be developed was "Taboo", with several other minor constraints imposed: The original game idea by Lau Korsgaard was to perform an erotic game devoid of graphics.

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