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My new boyfriend has a cat. I often look up during sex and see it sitting, staring at me.

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It makes me instantly lose any focus. How can I tune out?

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The solution is to find a way to keep her occupied in the room that is farthest away from the bedroom. A catnip toy should keep her busy. You need to relax too.

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Functional magnetic resonance imaging FMRI scans of women being brought to a clitoral orgasm by their regular partner scans made in by Janniko Georgiadis at the Department of Neuroscience at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands found that before and during orgasm, blood flow and activity decrease in the parts of the brain that deal with self-awareness and moral thinking.

How go have sex contrast, when women attempted, but failed to reach orgasm, these areas showed an increase in activity.

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Basically, the more you try to have an orgasm, the less likely you are to have one. Orgasmic women reported being far more mindful of sensation, better at communicating with their partner and were not embarrassed to ask them to provide specific types of stimulation.

In contrast, women who were unable to achieve orgasm found it hard to talk about sex, and were unable to switch off mental distractions. In the s the famous sexual researchers Masters and Johnson identified that women with arousal problems are more likely to become distracted by non-sexual cues and How go have sex this makes them disengage from physical sensations.

This meant that they were unable to relax, and therefore failed to have an orgasm. Take it easy and live without stress for a week If you find it difficult to switch off, you might benefit from learning mindfulness meditation.

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I also recommend exercise. An easy way to force yourself to focus on sensation is to try wearing a blindfold.

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Not being able to see where, or how, your boyfriend is going to touch you next ensures that you concentrate on what you are feeling, rather than what else is going on in the room. Send your queries to suzigodson mac.

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Take it easy and live without stress for a week. News Daily Headlines Receive our lunchtime briefing straight to your inbox. More in this Section.

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