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Udemy how to create a course

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If yes, this article is for you.

In this article, I will discuss the roadmap to create a Udemy course which is appealing, reliable, authentic and engaging. At the end, I will share a free course which you can enroll right away to learn the pro tips.

In my earlier guide I shared about how to launch a course on Udemyand in this guide I will share how you can create a successful course. Considering the fact that Udemy has more than courses, it is hard to stand out from the crowd to capture the attention of the audience especially if your course content has been done before.

Choose the right topic — You can either pick a topic which you are specialized in or you can check out the popular courses which are available on Udemy and choose a topic Udemy how to create a course. In both the cases, you Udemy how to create a course find numerous available courses on Udemy. Watch, learn, analyze and, think what is that one thing which you can offer that will make your course better or different than all the other courses.

How to Create an Awesome...

Pick a Captivating Title: Optimize your title for keyword research, that will ensure that you will have a higher ranking in search results. Also, decide how will you break down all the lessons and pick a title for each section accordingly. Decide the format for the Body of the Course: Set out a plan on how will you break down all the lessons and pick a title for each section accordingly.

Text, video, presentations, Audio, document, and mashup.

1. Create an Outline of...

Mashup Video and Presentation is the most recommended of the formats. Once you are finished with the above steps, Upload a test video on Udemy explaining your course and its material to receive a feedback on your course. You can always incorporate the assessment in your final course outline. Video Recording and quality: For screen recording and editing, I recommend you to use Camtasia.

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Prepare a script and rehearse a few times before you press the record button. Audio Recording and Quality: For audio, use a quality microphone and make sure that the voice is clear, crisp, and the background is free of any noise.

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Without a good and effective landing page, it would be impossible for you to create a niche in the market and attract a potential audience. You can get an awesome landing page designed from Odesk or Fiverr at a very nominal rate.

This is the most important section which highlights what will a student learn if he proceeds with the course. Try to use bullet points as much as possible as it is will make the summary easy to read and understand. This is where you tell your potential readers about yourself.

This will help you in building an authority and gaining the trust of your readers. Here is one such author Udemy how to create a course from Udemy:. I recommend you to make a promo video once you have finalized all other sections of your course.

Congratulations on making the decision...

Here is an example of good Promo video for Udemy courses:. Lastly, decide on the pricing of the course. Offer a value for money course. If you are all set to launch your first successful Udemy course, I recommend you to enroll for their free course.

Join free Udemy Learning course. Are you an instructor on Udemy? If yes, share how you planned your content for Udemy and did it work for you.