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Ok you've obviously got a thing for your ex and are worried she's having sex with other guys. Here's some facts for you. Emo is a fashion. It does not determine your personality, in much the same way that if you died your hair black and put a Ramones shirt you would still be the same person.

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Just because you're emo, doesn't mean you cut yourself. People cut themselves when they have serious internal issues, and this is unrelated to the clothes you wear.

Non-emos can cut themselves too. Emos can be emos without having sex. Sex predators can wear anything.

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Emos can be virgins. Girls who drink are not sexual predators.

Virgins can drink too. Hope that cleared up some stuff. Okay, emo girls are just girls, okay? They may look a little different from the cheerleaders and the Maxxim cover girl wannabes, but they're just girls.

Treat them like girls, and you should be fine. Emo girl having sex emo girls are cutters, but not all. Some are drunks, but not all. Some are sex predators--whatever the hell that is--but not all.

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Judge every girl on Emo girl having sex own terms, and don't get weird ideas. I hate to be mean but dude you're ignorance is sad. Not only that just because a girl is into some "weird" stuff doesn't mean she's a sex predator either.

A sex predator is someone who preys on people for sex.

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People like Rapist and child molesters. It's that kind of stereotyping that really hurtz society. Do emo girls like to have sex because of weird things?

Bro, your killing me Emos are like any other human with physical-based carnal desires.

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If she wants sex, then just like the rich or popular kid, or the nerd, they choose to go for it. During this time, where the girlfriend or boyfriend, or both are exchanging words of how the feel while pumping away, they usually wear a hat or scarf, or both.

Is laughing and chuckling Really?

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It seems Emo girl having sex that, but it is actually a life-style, and a personality type. A true emo is a soft-centered person who cares a lot about people, but dislikes certain types of attention affiliated with popularity and certain places in the social "Ladder". A emo usually spends time alone or with small groups of friends who have similarities.

As far as the supposed "Style" goes, emos don't wear it for looks. Black, blue and purple are the most common for some sentimental reason, but it seems fitting I am an emo, and I can empathize a true nature. Do emo girls like to have sex just because they do weird things? Okay, so my ex girlfriend right? My friend told me that she is.

It creeps him out when he noticed. It freaks me out when she would wanna have sex and doing weird things. But hey, my ex girlfriend doesn't do things sexually in Emo girl having sex, but my friend told me that she would wanna, but I don't know either in private, or super private.

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But hey, I'm not a drinker at all. My dudes, are you happy with your knob size? Girls how did you learn to masturbate, and how old were you when you first succeeded? How do I prevent my Breast from hurting?

Which body type do you find most attractive? What Girls Said 2.

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So, let me get this right. What weird things does she do during sex lol? What Guys Said 5. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

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