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Fetish for converse sneaker sex

Porn FuckBook Fetish for converse sneaker sex.

Shoesession Yes, boots and sneakers too! It's hard to find good Converse fetish stories these days, so I wanted to share it here too. The easiest way to find them is on my Tumblr. A girl gets a pair of Chucks for her birthday, and when she puts them on she develops a strong fetish. She recruits her friends until the entire school is full of sneaker freaks Fetish for converse sneaker sex Chucks: A girl at the high school from Converse High grows a dick, and is tormented by a cheerleader who knows her secret, but also explores her new power with her friends.

My next story is going to take place at a Sorority that is exclusively for girls with a Converse fetish. I'll start with a story about some pledges joining, then use it as a setting for any other Fetish for converse sneaker sex stories I come up with. I am totally open to suggestions the Futa story started as a request and I would love to hear ideas about what you might want to see happen at a sorority full of chucks-obsessed girls!

I hope you enjoy! Katie had a lot on her mind as she pulled into her driveway Friday afternoon. She had a test Monday in Calculus, plus a load of reading to do for her English class. Anytime she was attracted to a guy she would get flustered and wind up pushing him away before he even got the chance to be interested.

In addition to her schoolwork, Katie knew she had to start planning for the next week. As a member of student council, she had helped put together a program of events to keep students from going crazy during that long stretch between Christmas and Spring Break.

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She had posters to make, food to order, and a pep rally to organize. It was going to be a short weekend. She stopped to open the garage door her parents worked until nearly dinner-timebut noticed Fetish for converse sneaker sex package on the front doorstep. She dropped her backpack and flute case inside, and went out to get the mail. Her 18th birthday had been a week before, and sure enough a few of the letters in the pile were addressed to her, and definitely had to be late birthday cards from distant family members.

Walking back up the front walk she went in the front door to pick up the package. She was mildly surprised to see it was for her. She walked inside, kicked off her flats, and dropped the mail on the kitchen counter, still looking at the breadbox-sized package.

Pulling the cardboard open, she was greeted by a solid wall of wrapping paper.

Fetish for converse sneaker sex She pulled the wrapped box out, and looked back in the cardboard one. No card was present, just the second box wrapped in shiny blue paper with a pattern of stars on it.

Still confused, but now more excited than anything, she decided to wait, and get comfortable before opening it. Her nice shoes had killed her feet, and her khaki pants were starting to itch. Still, she liked the way she looked; feminine, but very respectable. She sometimes got accused of Fetish for converse sneaker sex like she was constantly on her way to a job interview, but she felt very grown-up.

She rolled the box over in her hands, trying to find any indication of who it was from. It looked like a shoebox, and she hoped it was the pair of heels she had pointed out to her mom in the mall last week.

Finally, she gave up and started peeling the tape off the box.

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Now the balance had shifted from excited back to confused, she popped the lid open. It was a pair of those Converse Chuck Taylor shoes people liked so much. She pulled them out of the box to get a better look. They were black canvas with white rubber sides and toes.

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In fact, the only way they could be worse, she thought, would have been if they had been the high top style. However, she felt a little bit bad when she realized that someone had bought them as a gift, and must have thought she Fetish for converse sneaker sex like them, even if they were wrong.

She decided it would be rude to get rid of them, so she put the box in her closet, and planned to figure out the mysterious sender later. The rest of her weekend went as planned, though she was happy to get to spend a few hours on Saturday with her friend Megan.

Sunday night rolled around, and Katie climbed in bed relieved to have finished all her work to get ready for the busy week ahead.

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She sat up with a start and swore at herself under her breath. Monday was to be 80s day, with all the students dressing up in clothes from the s. Katie rolled her eyes; the purist in her knew that their 80s costumes were just excuses to wear tights and leg warmers, and were incredibly inaccurate.

Regardless, she had to participate she had helped plan it, after all.

She groggily flipped on the closet light, and dug into the back, where all her rarely-worn clothes were. She pulled out a neon pink sweatshirt that hung off one shoulder, and a pair of black leggings with matching pink stripes that went partway down the leg.

She hung them on her closet door, and flopped into bed. She thought to herself how the week was supposed to be fun…sure. The alarm went off the next Fetish for converse sneaker sex as always, and Katie rolled out of bed. She was not a morning person, contrary to what most people believed. She pulled her long blonde hair up into a crooked ponytail, and put on a lime green headband. She put on her 80s clothes, and though she thought she looked silly, at least she would be comfortable.

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After breakfast she went to the closet to put on her shoes. She frowned, remembering that she had just given away her old white running shoes, and had finally outgrown her Keds at the beginning of the year. A box in her closet caught her eye, and she groaned, remembering the Converse she had grudgingly kept.

She pulled them out of the box, wondering if they were even the right size, and sat on her bed to Fetish for converse sneaker sex them on.

Feeling inside them, she grabbed a pair of brightly colored socks and slipped the first one on her foot.

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She jumped, nearly falling off the bed. As soon as she put her foot into the shoe, she felt her stomach drop, similar to standing in a fast elevator, or getting kissed by a cute boy. She held her stomach, regretting the combination of Eggo waffles and coffee that morning.

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A weird tingle lingered though, and she made a note to grab some Tums before leaving. She pulled the other shoe on with no strange reaction this time and looked at her feet.

She stood up, and her stomach jumped again, though less than before. Shaking her head, she grabbed her books and left for school.

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Walking up to her locker, the first person to greet her was Megan. She had a cheetah vest and big, moussed up hair. She walked up with her heavily made up eyebrows raised. They just worked with the outfit.

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Megan could go a little boy crazy sometimes, but Katie just went along with it because Megan was her best friend. Suddenly, caught up in staring at her sneakers, Katie ran right into something and stumbled.

She looked up and saw that she had just plowed into Kevin Dennis.

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He was scrawny, incredibly smart, but incredibly quiet. Katie was in a few classes with him and knew he was a really nice kid. She felt awful that she had knocked him over, yet he was apologizing. Hey, I love your costume! He had a perfect Marty McFly costume, complete with the shiny multicolored hat. He looked down, blushing furiously.

He clearly wanted to run, but was frozen with embarrassment.

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At his statement Katie noticed two things. First, she was mortified that it was so obvious that her sneakers were new, and very unlike her, that everyone seemed to be noticing.

Second, Fetish for converse sneaker sex felt that tingling sensation shoot through her again. She thought it was just her breakfast again, but this time it almost felt good. The confusion about that tingle, as well as the embarrassment she felt, made her so flustered that she just stood there, mouth half open, completely unsure what to say or do. It was at that point that Kevin regained his composure, spun around, and began walking away quickly.

A few seconds later, it dawned on Katie that Kevin had just called her cute, and she had completely blown him off. First she runs the kid over, and then she ignores his compliment.

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