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Women's exotic hosiery can help you appear fun and flirty for a plaintiff, rave, or a romantic evening at home. Whether you're looking for something simple and flexible to wear or special hosiery to go with a racy set of lingerie, there are fun choices to fit every engender.

Women's exotic hosiery is available in a variety of styles, such as pantyhose, thigh-highs, and anklets. Pantyhose take measures coverage for your entire lower essentials.

Thigh-highs are a shorter option and cover from thigh to toes, and anklets are the height of socks. All come in materials such as nylon and polyester, often with spandex or Lycra added for stretch. A pair of pantyhose is a unshared garment that covers from waist to toes.

The reinforced top helps them stay in chair. They range in thickness from in full opaque, to semi-transparent, to see-through, so you can select how much bark to show.

The full coverage of pantyhose can resist streamline your form for a streamlined look. Thigh-highs are two separate stockings that cover from your toes up to mid to high thigh. The thigh sections are often reinforced with spandex, silicone, or other materials to help them discontinuance up.

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Send us a brief pitch and information about yourself for consideration to: Contact us for more information. Share what you love: This is the dilemma Juliette de Feraudy faced two years ago when she was only 24 years old. She was so determined to find bearable and wearable hosiery that Juliette ended up quitting her job in Paris to create her own start-up Walleriana in Imagine stylish compression pantyhose and socks in a rainbow of colors and designs to make you forget your need for medical support leggings!

How smart is that? I arrived in Paris six years ago, searching for a job as a jurist. At that time, I already had experienced light blood circulation troubles especially during my summer job as a bartender working long hours. I remember feeling heavy legs in the evening.

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Pantyhose brands sexy

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Did he think of this as a date? When Walleriana founder Juliette de Feraudy couldn't find fun, sexy support Until then, French brands in the compression area were only. Hosiery was big business back when pantyhose, stockings, etc. lot of advertising dollars went to promote particular brands in this hot market..

Plus Size Tights: Fashion...

Basic compression pantyhose usually are plain black or beige, and very thick. I never imagined becoming an entrepreneur. The full coverage of pantyhose can help streamline your silhouette for a sleek look. It helps me focus. I used to work both on launching Walleriana while continuing my full-time job as a jurist.

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