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Writing a sugar baby profile

XXX Porn tube Writing a sugar baby profile.

Make sure that what you write under those headings is relevant. Write coherent and with correct grammar no slang. If English is not your first language, check it multiple times and maybe just sleep and re-read it the day after.

Using correct and appropriate language directly sets a more intelligent tone. Afraid of roller coasters and dry ice.

Section 1: Sugar Baby Profiles,...

Write more than a paragraph. It is not inviting to say: If you want to find out more about me; just send an e-mail: I saw this waaay to many times.

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And secondly why would the guy e-mail you if he has no idea what you are all about? Try to use specific vocabulary.

Inspired by this profile: I am a very educated and very beautiful ebony princess. Be specific about yourself.

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OK, the masturbation was a joke, but you get what I mean right? A lot of girls put what they like without elaborating on it. A small explanation will better convey your personality than listing.

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Travelling has always been a huge passion and a natural part of my life. My favorite country is Thailand, I fell in love with the perfect beaches and the friendly people. A profile should be about YOU, not what you want to do with your sugar daddy, or what you have on your shopping list.

Write what you like, what you like to do what your future plan is. Write three paragraphs on three different subjects each.

Mine is structured as; background, education, traveling. Not even if you want to make a joke that you are not such a good cook.

You never now how a potential sugar daddy may intepret this, nor do you know if he gets the joke. Say what you are looking for in a subtle manner.

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Just honestly say how you would imagine a perfect arrangement. In a perfect arrangement we would do things together that we both enjoy.

Crafting the perfect Sugar Baby...

I love to go fine dining, and am a huge fan of the Italian cuisine, while at the same time I really like to explore local restaurants as well.

For some change I always enjoy going to the beach and having an early lunch near the sea. Unrespectful men will not be scared away by that. However you can say that for example you are only looking for an SD under 50 if you definitely have an age limit.

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Just make it subtle. I think that was it for now.