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Real vs fake boobs

New xXx Video Real vs fake boobs.
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Small boobs tend to have much more graceful shapes. Also, if you ever have kids, breast-feeding is supposedly more difficult with implants.

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Love the boobies God gave ya! Or would you judge that I had some serious underlying issue which would make me an undesirable catch?


Breast augmentation can compromise or even prevent lactation. The nonverbal communication is a huge part of it.

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I feel that getting fake boobs is the equivalent to mutilating your body in order to conform with social norms that reduce women to sexual objects. In fact, he probably ran even better.

She was tiny—maybe five feet tall and about 90 pounds. And then she had these rock-hard melons spot-welded onto her.

I feel much safer around real ones. Convincing smaller boob jobs look great.

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But we still feel cheated when we get them home. When will women learn that big boobs are not the solution?

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Guys desire tight bodies above all else! Bit of a turn off. From half a cantaloupe stretching out her skin, to two tennis balls in a sweat sock taped to her chest, it can go either way.

If you look at any porn with fake breast they look terrible as they flap about with the implants quite obviously separate to the natural tissue. I would take smaller perky breasts any day of the week. I hate them, my wife got them done years ago and now they have leaked and caused scar tissue all around the boob area and are rock-hard.

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How much I long for the feel of a beautiful soft boob on her body because when I handle round river rocks in the garden is the same feeling, it makes me very sad. They have a higher suicide rate….

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