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Vampire diaries elena and damon hookup

Naked Pictures Vampire diaries elena and damon hookup.

Elena has made her best, and it's not the choice largest fans of " The Vampire Diaries " would have expected. But suddenly again, something about Elena has archaic expected since she got turned into a vampire.

But could it all be constituent of an elaborate lay out by Damon, or is it unbiased a nonplus connection that he hasn't even realized it up to this time. It wasn't until the closing moments of the episode that Caroline figured it not on and shared it with Stefan.

She'd been putting together the puzzle pieces of why Elena seemed to on all occasions agree with Damon, disregarding nevertheless when it meant abruptly changing her mind.

By crook, as Damon was the one that turned her, Elena is now sired to Damon. Earlier in the twilight, she'd had to deed out of her quarter because Jeremy's new Orion abilities is clouding his judgment -- he'd already tried to kill her once. When she moved in with the Salvatores, Stefan nautical port, because she'd already told him she had to choose Damon.

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Person else, you may proceed…. Much like it did in Season 1, the special occasion ushered in big developments for Damon and Elena. After more than three seasons of foreplay, Elena finally gave in to her interior and had sex with Damon.

But was she really in control of her actions? Caroline, notwithstanding, is not confused and makes that extremely distinct. Hey, Caroline, tell us how you really climate.

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I feel threatened by my bf's ex crush? Yes as in the last episode Elena wore a diamond ring given by Damon and then In the final season of the vampire diaries after the death of stefan salvatore. If you have yet to watch Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes Finally, A Damon and Elena hook up worthy enough..

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Elena and Damon

She then gave her vervain, saying that Damon was a "first-rate jackass," knowing full well he was listening. However, Elena quickly spits out the blood as she realizes that it has been mixed with vervain. At the end of the episode Damon gently tends to Elena's wounds she got during the car fire in the school parking lot. In Rescue Me , Elena and Damon stay woken up for 3 hours without saying anything after their night together, post break up. Elena and Damon then come together, both with bloody mouths, and dance together seductively, on a blood high.

Waiting for the teacher at school, Damon flirts with Elena, who tries to keep him on task. Damon tries to hold him back, Elena worried informs Damon that they have to get out of there now.

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Vampire diaries elena and damon hookup

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The Vampire Diaries 6x21 Damon/Elena Wedding/Sex I'd give up being a vampire to be your hu

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