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Want hot sex

XXX Photo Want hot sex.

Sometimes those living with HIV are pretty nervous about the sex that we can have. So, get that fear out of your mind! Here are a few tips from me, on how to really have an amazing sex life.

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Just oral sex can be Want hot sex hot. A mixture of slow and fast movements, teasing, breath action, and blowing softly between gulps, usually can turn a quickie into a real worthy event.

And unless you enjoy having limited movement and work area, instead of laying on a bed, how about sitting back on a bed with the legs hanging off the side of the bed or sitting up on a couch and the person doing the servicing be on their knees between the legs.

Whatever the position, just be committed to the act.

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Be in it to win it. Just let them service you. Someone needs to be the one who will bottom.

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Preparing for anal sex is something to consider. But, if you want to prepare yourself for sex, the best way is to douche. I recently asked an ass doctor about the issue with douching.

He most commonly saw the issue of douching being a problem by the amount of water and the force of the water going up the butt when douching. It kinda goes with territory. Do your best to douche and then feel confident that you will be just fine.

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If you are a top, chill out on the comments if an accident or assident happens. Try different positions and instead of plowing like an 18 year old, how about mixing up the speed Want hot sex attempting to work every part of the hole?

When I top, I like a relaxed bottom to allow me the opportunity to pleasure every part of their hole.