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Sex thru my wifes pantyhose

XXX Photo Sex thru my wifes pantyhose.

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Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. My wife hates to wear pantyhose.

When we were dating, she would wear them every once in a while and let me fuck her, or she would give me a hot footjob, that would drive me crazy. It has been 6 or 7 years since she has done that and it is killing me. I want to cum on her nyulons so bad it is driving me crazy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but her wearing PH now and then should have been the an indicator for you. Before marrying my wife, I dated several women who would sometimes wear PH, but only when they Sex thru my wifes pantyhose the need i.

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They needed to present a business-like appearance, a wedding or other social event, or the like. One thing I learned is that I was not able to change those respective girlfriends' minds and convince them to wear PH at my request. That's true of anything else in life: BUT the harsh reality is that they did not change or learn to enjoy Sex thru my wifes pantyhose things and, as such, ultimately caused us to go our separate ways.

Because of those experiences, I made sure to find a woman who naturally enjoyed dressing up and wearing PH. My wife fit that criteria. She always wore dresses and skirts with PH and high heels.

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While dating my wife over a period of several years before marrying, I noticed, though family and school photos, that she had always worn dresses and skirts with pantyhose and high heels, since her teenage years, to include wearing PH under shorts and pants.

In other words, I knew I would not have to try to convince her to wear PH. Needlless to say, my wife has always allowed me to fuck her with her PH on, and she's always enjoyed teasing me with crotchless PH I hope you and your Sex thru my wifes pantyhose will be able to compromise. Communication is the best.

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Be honest and tell her how you feel, and respect her feelings and limits. Hopefully, she'll appreciate your honesty and openess and compromise.

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I am to the point where i am going to beg her because it has been so long. Having small children hurts the situation, too. I almost never have sex anymore, let alone act out any fantasies. Before we were married, she would occasionally wear nylons if I asked.

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Once we got married, that pratice died along with her sex drive. I understand legman, i have the same problem!!!

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WOW--Guess everyone has the same problem. I can't stand that she won't wear them anymore. She use to love them. She wore them all the time when we were dating.

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I had even told her I loved women in nylons when we first started dating. Did I get tricked? I should have figured it out when my wife did not wear nylons on our wedding day: I'm in a same shoes. She used to wear it for me and a few times in the bed too. But she only surprised me once in the past 12 years with a pantyhose on and waiting for me.