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Happily married but in love with another man

Sex photo Happily married but in love with another man.

Husbands, put down the paper for a second and look over at your wives. Look at the little woman, sitting there quietly, perhaps knitting.

Perhaps humming a little tune to herself. Could it be "Torn Between Two Lovers"? Marcy is happily married to Tom, a wonderful man, and she has been since She's so in love with Tom that she says: My husband is a wonderful father and so good to me. Our sex life is varied and excellent, and our only complaint is that we don't have enough time for it because of our young children. There is, however, another man in Marcy's life.

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Shortly before she married Tom, she started a new job and became friendly with a male co-worker. She was 22, Steve was 25, married, with three kids. He loved his wife, he loved his kids. Yet there was an instant connection between Steve and Marcy. Even after Marcy got married, the connection continued. We tried to stop it. We had a strong sense of how wrong it was, but we couldn't fight it. His kiss was life-giving. He felt the same way about me.

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We completely and totally loved and lusted after each other. All of this while loving other people. He loved his wife. I loved my husband. It gets worse, or better.

The relationship didn't change until Marcy and her husband decided to start a family.

Marcy describes herself as "a good person-fair, just, sincere, honest and almost prudish. We both have a strong sense of family and knew this had to stop. We had tried to end it many times before and couldn't.

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Steve told me he would love me my whole life, even if he never saw me again. I felt the same way about him. We were so spiritually connected.

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I truly believe that God put us in each others' lives. Marcy got pregnant, and after her baby was born, Steve stopped by to offer congratulations. They hugged, but nothing more.

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And that's how the relationship has continued for five years. Marcy now has two children, Steve four. I talk to him three times a week and see him four times a year.

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We're very good friends. Sometimes we reminisce and we laugh and can't believe all this.

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It wasn't just sex. What we have is deep and everlasting. We talk about everything. We've had this secret relationship for 13 years.

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Steve says we can't be together because we met too late, but we'll be friends always. So, today, when they see each other, usually with their spouses, Steve and Marcy hug and kiss. Old friends can get away with that.

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But it's not a chaste little hug and kiss. Some people may say that I don't know what love is, that I couldn't possibly love one man and even look at another. I can't believe it myself. But I've lived this.

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