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Hookup a man less attractive than you

Sexy Video Hookup a man less attractive than you.

A looker—by definition—is a very attractive person. Basically, this is when we decide to be with someone who is way more attractive than us. Naturally, this can be a great privilege. We all wish we had a significant other who was always easy on eyes, right?

Imagine getting to show someone off at any and every work event and family gathering. Some of us get pretty lucky and end up with someone who is undeniably hotter than us. But how lucky are we really? Even worse, it may be a struggle for some of us for the rest of our lives. So, we put up with it. Imagine that your boyfriend gets invited to a gala with his company, and he gets to bring a guest.

If he would Hookup a man less attractive than you to, of course. Are you hot enough to be shown off to all of his work friends? Beyond that, do you have the manners, the nice dress, and the charm and wit he wants other guys to swoon over? You might feel embarrassed, because he felt like he had to bring you.

You might want to get used to that happening in real life, too. People will notice your sexy significant other, naturally.

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No big deal, right? They might turn around and try to process how someone like you could be with that person who just caught their eye. Be prepared for some blank stares as they try to wrap their head around the situation. Get used to the double takes, the shocked expressions, and even some doubting onlookers.

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But then you will start to doubt yourself. You will look around and notice all of these supermodels at the grocery store. If there are people that are so much hotter than you, then why is your partner with you? Any insecurities you had before will be even more prevalent every day from now on.

We all get a little bit worried and panicky anyway when our boyfriends are spending extra time on their phones or working over-time. Now, what if he happened to be a total stud?

What does your face look like? Is your tummy flab off-putting? How about all of those freckles on your shoulders or the peach fuzz on your stomach?

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This is especially true when spontaneity comes into play. To make matters even worse, a lot of the buildup and the romance have to do with attractiveness. What if you run into someone that knows you two are married and they see you fresh from the gym? It would basically be a crime. Better than anyone seeing you not all done up, right?

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From the beginning of a pretty serious relationship, some of us gals start considering marriage and settling down to raise a family. Do you still think kids are a good idea? What if they end up ugly? Not only will all of these efforts begin to get excessive for you personally, your partner will probably start to worry about you.

Do any of these things actually work? Probably not to the extent that you want them to. They actually do, though, as you can probably tell from the rest of this list. You might have also heard that beauty is only skin-deep. This one is definitely true. No matter how gorgeous someone is, they could still have the coldest heart. Some of the most Hookup a man less attractive than you people are actually also some of the worst human beings on this planet.

Or when one guy pays someone to act as his girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner so his parents will stop nagging him? When you show your besties a picture of him from last weekend, they might accuse you of lying. At some point, the dollars may not be worth it, and your partner may have some issues with this insane spending.

Whatever you think will work is up to you.

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Think of how many followers or friends your spouse has on social media, and think about how many of them would see the post of you two. Have you considered going to the gym and getting super fit?

Not only will your significant other be more likely to show you off, but you will also feel more confident in yourself. Plus, maybe your partner will be more tempted to stay with you than to leave you for someone else. It will just take a ton of hard work and dedication from you, and you may get burned out pretty quick. But they are important—especially in trying to keep the romance alive.

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Every relationship fades out of the initial honeymoon phase pretty quickly. Eventually, your romantic days will be trickling out.

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With the missing spark, divorce is likely to cross your mind—especially if you have been unsure about the relationship from the start. Now, divorce and death are both highly likely situations.

Just as there are subtle...

If something happens, and you want to get with someone else, who can you realistically be with? Probably not another looker.

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