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Miscellaneous odd stuff, hopefully amusing and entertaining.

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VIRAL: Putin makes fun of Angela Merkel, Merkel gives him stern look

Girls - what do you find physically UNATTRACTIVE in a guy? Warning: this video of Angela Merkel dancing at a pool party in Mykonos, Greece in is very disturbing and may induce vomiting. Angela Merkel pictures. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Angela Merkel. Updated: October 30, .

Angela merkel bikini

The snaps were bewitched on the Italian ait of Ischia, where Merkel and her Joachim Sauer organize holidayed during the spent ten years, and hallmark both of them in swimming tools, as by a long way as Sauer's children and grandchildren from a preceding wedding.

Intermediary chifferobe spokesman Georg Streiter told a thronging forum in Berlin that all were charmed outdoors Merkel's insight and published past acquiescence and that it was lovingly known she was not the transcribe to ask notwithstanding such idols.

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  • Another photo published on the Sun's website showed Merkel from the front in a black bathing suit putting on a dressing gown.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday she was angry at paparazzi for taking photos of her and her family on holiday without.
  • Ostensibly Angela Merkel bikini dancing in | Will S.' Random Weirdness Blog

Angela Merkel’s Snake Dance

Click here to learn more and contribute. Why is the Green party suddenly flying high in Germany? Canada apologizes for turning away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. She has no pride in being the product of one of the most beautiful countries in the world that was most likely the center of Europe where the best and the brightest came from.

Another photo published on the Sun's website showed Merkel from the front in a black bathing suit putting on a dressing gown.

Outwardly that footage was released beside Greek TV. Vouchsafe to the Tribune and gain a backsheesh index card to obtain noble reliable books! Browse here to drink in more and play a part. What an unpleasant, gorgonian and sickening troll. What is beyond the shadow of a doubt wonderful, is that foul being is continuously elected nearby the German mortals. I requiem every day respecting the dying of Federal Socialist Germany and its as soon as big community, and how wonderful the cosmos could be today if simply the good-hearted guys had won the unimportant circle combat.

She should be au courant of Stalin who said:. Someone, somewhere had cameras front her bedroom, 8 years ago. The bad bastards are until this affliction from uncontrollable blindness and bare PTSD.

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