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Do you lick lined envelopes

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Whether constructing a mailing at the office or at home, there must be a way to get those envelopes sealed. Repeated licking of a multitude of envelopes is not the best practice. This blog contains affiliate links. First of all, it tastes bad.

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Secondly, the glue may not be safe to ingest over and over again. Licking envelopes closed is not a great idea.

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For efficiency sake, you may wish to purchase self-sealing envelopes but often that is not a possibility. Invitation envelopes tend not to be self-sealing.

Here are some creative ways to seal an envelope without licking them! What kinds of bulk mailings might you be doing that require fluid to seal them?

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Is it bill paying day? Are you sending b irthday party invites? Maybe it is an upcoming shower [baby or bridal] or wedding invitations? Mass mailings take place for all sorts of reasons including day to day outgoing mail for the business or volunteer job where you work.

So, best practice is to seal the envelopes without licking them! What is your preferred method of sealing envelopes?

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I do not like licking the envelopes. I am definitely going to use your advice and use a glue stick! Why have I not done this before?!!

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Use a simple household sponge. Dampen it with water and seal.

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This can have quality Do you lick lined envelopes problems, just as the envelope sealer may. You could release too much water and have a not-so-neat look on the back of your envelope. If you overdo it and you could even dampen the contents, as well. Use a cotton swab or Q-tip. Dip the end of the swab in a small bit of water in a cup.

Lightly swipe across the edge where the gum is. This method is what I just used in sealing invitation envelopes for the bridal shower I hosted and, later, the wedding invitations.

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