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Just watched the best Periscope live stream I will ever see. Thread starter TheVampire Start date Nov 27, Status Not open for further replies. TheVampire Banned Nov 27, It started off simple enough: Two 19 year old girls playing some Xbox One music game dancing around and the looser taking shots They would get the occasional standard vulgar message asking them to make out or get naked which they refused naturally.

Was fun enough but then I had to get dinner so I stopped watching. I really love Periscope. Its so fascinating seeing into other peoples lives.

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Side note - am I a perv for taking snapshots? And also scrambling to find a way to quickly download the whole video on my Top periscope live stream before they wake up in the morning and most likely delete it? John Kowalski Banned Nov 27, Magwik Banned Nov 27, Ummmm This thread is weird.

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Switch Back 9 a lot of my threads involve me fucking up somehow. Perhaps I'm a moron? The periscope I watched during the Paris attacks was some gnarly shit. I'll never forget that.

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Also, this thread will not go well methinks. Mamma Mia, this isa one spicy thread. Dominator Member Nov 27, This is a strange thread Prepare your bumhole, OP. Spoiler I wouldn't have copped to trying to download the video. You're a perv for watching at all, nevermind taking screenshots and video.

Clipjoint Member Nov 27, Posting in a doomed thread. Hip Hop Member Nov 27, Two "19 year old" girls. Gintamen Member Nov 27, GhostWriter24 Member Nov 27, Yes, you're a perv.

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To think I've only used periscope to watch a Twitch streamer livestream his drive thru experience at Taco Bell. Spoiler Anonymous confessions thread has ruined me.

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Fat4all Banned Nov 27, PROh1bited Banned Nov 27, Bufbaf Banned Nov 27, How many PM's asking for a link did you get yet OP. Obliterator Member Nov 27, As someone who has made a drunk thread on GAF as recently as this week Edit to no pictures. Now Top periscope live stream picture up?

What the hell is going on over there!? I was hoping for a dog playing ping-pong or something.